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More than half of the men’s population are somehow unsatisfied with the size of their penises and if you are reading this article then probably you are too. It can be quite tough to get it out and cross your fingers, hoping that she won’t feel disappointed or sad. Well, luckily for you and everyone out there who has confidence issues because of a small penis, there is a revolutionary product on the market today which can transform your life and your confidence at the same time! It is called Penomet and it is an efficient and safe penis pump.

“There are many penis pumps out there, what makes this so special?” you might say. Penomet is very different from other penis pumps and you will find out more details about this later on. Now let’s discuss about penis enlargement pump s and why you should keep an open mind when it comes to these products.

Most people out there would say that penis enlargement products don’t work and they might even look at you suspiciously if you ever bring this subject into the discussion. That happens because most people are reluctant to new technology and they simply don’t want you to feel better or have a bigger penis. Let’s forget for a moment what people say. Throw away any past knowledge you might have about penis enlargement products, put aside any negative beliefs or opinions others might have when it comes to penis pumps and let’s focus on Penomet and why it works.

Penomet Penis Pump - Different Colors

Penomet is a water penis pump that can add inches to your penis

Penis pumps work for a very simple reason: they tend to stretch your shaft by applying gentle pressure on it, making its microscopic cells divide over time. In other words, Penomet can force more blood into your penis and keeping it there, so that the penis has the opportunity to expand and grow to accommodate a larger quantity of blood. This is a scientific fact and it works for all individuals, regardless of their fitness level or age.

Penomet is different from other products you might find on the market because it is more comfortable and built to be as efficient as possible. People should use this product when they have a bath or a shower because that is the moment when the blood vessels and arteries are most dilated.

Additionally, Penomet is capable of improving the quality of your erections. A good erection is based on a steady supply of blood towards the penis. As Penomet draws more blood into your member, it will easily nourish and improve all the small veins, arteries and tissues inside your shaft. In the long run, your erections will become rock-hard and you won’t have problems with impotence or similar health conditions.

Guys should use Penomet for about 15 minutes every day in order to significantly increase the length and girth of their penises. Penomet is easy to use, safe and made from top quality materials, so you don’t risk injuring your beloved penis.

This product can increase both the length of your shaft and its girth, so you won’t end up with a long and thin willy that looks funny when you take your pants down. Also, it is important to add here that most women prefer thickness over length because a thicker penis can stimulate the inner walls of their vagina muchbetter. With Penomet, you can increase the thickness of your shaft and please every woman you are with.

Penomet has also helped many individuals with their relationships because sex is an important factor for a healthy relationship. If you are not capable of performing well in bed, don’t let this become a serious issue for you in the long run. Take advantage of Penomet and considerably enhance your sex life!

Penomet has been developed after more than 2 years of research carried on thousands of individuals


When it comes to penile enlargement product, it is ok to be careful with what you find on the internet because there are many scams out there. A product should be heavily tested and improved before it becomes available for sale. For example, Penomet has been through rigorous tests and it has been enhanced to be as effective as possible. This device is the result of more than 2 years of research and development. Thousands of individuals have participated into this research and their results were spectacular. With Penomet you can actually add inches to your penis in a safe way and make the results become permanent. Therefore, if you go for Penomet, you are buying a trustworthy product that has been heavily tested and has been built to be as effective as possible.

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Penomet features multiple gaiters which will speed up the growing process of your penis

If you take a look at a normal penis pump you will find out that it has a single gaiter which cannot be detached. This is good, but it is like doing just pushups for the rest of your life. You should add variety to your exercises to speed up the process and improve your experience. That’s why Penomet comes with not 2 or 3, but 5 gaiters which can be easily installed and offer great results.

What’s the reason behind this? Well, with normal penis pumps that feature one gaiter, you can get the results in a particular timeframe, but you have little to no control over your experience. On the other hand, if you have 5 gaiters at your disposal and you change them frequently, you can control the amount of pressure you put on your penis and significantly speed up the growth process.

It is best to start with a softer gaiter at first, one that will help you learn how to use Penomet faster. Once you become more experienced, all that you have to do is to switch gaiters to increase pressure on your penis and force more blood towards your shaft. This will help you achieve the results faster and give you more control over your experience. Studies show that the growth process is almost 70% faster if you use a pump with multiple gaiters instead of a simple pump with just one gaiter.

Just 15 minutes a day and you can add up to 3 inches to your penis

Yep, and your experience will be a safe and interesting one. It is recommended to use your penis pump for just 15 minutes a day to see significant results. Obviously, your penis will not grow overnight, but rest assured that Penomet will do its job. People who use Penomet on a regular basis can make their penis longer by 3 inches in several months. It is a good idea to use this product for about 5-6 months to experience such results and make them permanent.


Additionally, don’t think that the girth of your penis won’t be affected. Once your penis receives more blood, it will expand in all directions! Therefore, you should expect to increase the girth of your penis by 30% if you use this product on a daily basis and for a long-enough period of time.

Again, you should have faith in the power of your blood and the power of Penomet. This amazing device will force more blood into your penis, making it stronger and healthier. Once your beloved member receives more blood, it will perform better, grow faster and become stronger. Do this every day and the results WILL COME! There is simply no other option.

Penomet Review & Rating
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Penomet is a great hydropump. Its super lightweight, and that makes using it in the shower easy. Because the cylinder is designed larger, the Penomet is not the best for for all guys. Still I would give them 4.3 stars and recommend it.

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Penomet is an award-winning product

You might be pleased to find out that Penomet is really an extraordinary product that has been noticed by the experts in male enhancement devices. For example, in 2013, Penomet won several awards such as The Best New Male Enhancement Device and the Venus Awards for the Best New Product 2013! What does this tell you? It tells you that you are about to go for a high-quality product which has been heavily tested, improved and enhanced and already won several awards. This is a surefire way to achieve the results you are looking for and it is a pity not to take advantage of this product.

Penomet can help you with a plethora of other penis-related issues

Our penises are some of the most important organs we have and unfortunately, they sometimes fail to work properly or become unhealthy. For example, some people suffer from premature ejaculation, other suffer from erectile dysfunction, others suffer from Peyronie’s Disease which basically means that their shaft is slightly curved and looks unattractive. Fortunately, Penomet can help you and relieve your stress if you suffer from one or more of these problems.

Penomet Use

Thanks to the fact that Penomet brings more blood towards the penis and the pelvic area, the muscles in the lower part of your body will start to relax and perform better. As you probably already know, the muscles in your pelvic area are responsible with the quality of your orgasms and they can cause premature ejaculation if they are not doing their job correctly. Penomet can increase blood flow in this area and in a couple of months, you will experience significant improvements in the quality of your orgasms. Additionally, premature ejaculation will no longer be a problem for you, so you can enjoy sex more and have a more accomplished sex life.

Similarly, thanks to the fact that Penomet brings more blood towards your penis, erectile dysfunction symptoms and impotence will also cease. Many people who had troubles getting it up and running have used Penomet and they are very happy now because they can have a strong erection and have sex more often. So, if your dick is not up when you call it, Penomet can be the solution for you!

Penomet is good for people who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease too. This particular health condition makes the penis curved, like it is broken in half. This is an unattractive sight, not to mention that it can be a real trouble having sex properly with such a penis. Luckily for you, Penomet can help treating this condition too and many people have experienced significant improvements after just a couple of weeks of using Penomet.

You will be satisfied or you will get your money back!


The professionals behind Penomet have basically made this product free to try. You should order one now, try it and if you are not experiencing significant results and you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it within 60 days and get your money back. This 60-days money back guarantee protects you from making a poor investment and makes you trust this product even more. Obviously, the chances of you sending this product back are very slim. You might eventually end up buying another one for your brother!

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Using Penomet is a piece of cake

This product is quite simple and very easy to use. You will not have troubles using Penomet regardless of your age or if you have tried male enhancement products before. All that you have to do is to select the gaiter with the lowest setting at first, until you learn the ropes. For example, the purple gaiter applies the least pressure and it is the best one to use until you grasp the mechanism behind this product. Afterwards, you attach the gaiter to the cylinder and put it on your penis.

You can apply the cylinder on your penis when you are in bath or when you have a shower, but this is not really mandatory. You can even use Penomet while you are in bed watching TV. Once you have placed the cylinder on your shaft, you should pump the device a couple of times to create an airtight seal.

Now all that you have to do is to relax for 15-20 minutes as Penomet is doing its job. You might need to pump again after every few minutes to increase the pressure and achieve the desired results. After 15 minutes have passed, you should press on the valve on top of the cylinder to release pressure and be able to safely remove this device.

And that’s it! This is not rocket science and once you become more experienced, you are free to test out all the gaiters you receive in your package. The other gaiters are capable of creating even more pressure, so that more blood is pumped towards your penis, helping with growth and enlargement.

Penomet features multiple certifications

This Certification means that Penomet has been tested by SGS for toxins and other dangerous materials

This Certification means that Penomet has been tested by SGS for toxins and other dangerous materials

Not only that Penomet is a heavily tested product, but it has also received a plethora of certifications over the years, making it a truly amazing and high-quality product. For example, Penomet features SGS Certifications which basically attest that this product is toxin-free and it contains no traces of dangerous chemicals or harmful substances.

Similarly, Penomet has received ISO Certifications which attest that this product is safe, reliable and made from quality materials. The ISO number basically puts this device in the same standard with medical devices and tools used in hospital, so now you understand how safe and hygienic this product can be. Lastly, Penomet also features the CE Marking which basically means that this product can move freely throughout European markets and it will not be held at customs if you are ordering from an European country.

Find out what others have to say about Penomet

By now you probably agree that you are dealing with a high-quality product that can offer tremendous results if used correctly, but how it behaves in real life? Well, this is a good question and it is a great idea to find out the opinions of past customers before you order yours. Here are a couple of reviews from customers who have already tried this magnificent product and find out why they loved it so much!
penomet_c3 penomet_c2

“Penomet has changed my life! I used to have a small dick and feel so self-conscious about this, but Penomet has taken care of that. My penis went from 5 inches to 7.1 inches in just a few months and now I feel so safe and confident when I take my pants down. Why haven’t I found Penomet before?” Lucas from Richmond, Virginia

“I used to feel so insecure about the size of my penis. In fact, that’s basically the reason why the last 2 girlfriends dumped me. Now they wish to be with me again as I have significantly increased the length and girth of my penis using Penomet. This is the first time in my life when I can confidently say that I am a happy man! Thanks Penomet!” Adrian from NYC

“I was so narrow-minded not to believe in the power of vacuum pumps and quality male enhancement products. I laughed at a friend who bought this product and after 3 months, I was amazed and he laughed at me. He used Penomet and added one and a half inches to his dick, then he recommended this product to me. Now I use Penomet every day and I highly-recommend it to everyone I know!” Alex from Manchester, UK



Let’s get real for a second, if you are looking for a quick way to add inches to your dick then Penomet is not for you. If you are not willing to spend 15 minutes a day to increase the size of your penis and improve your sex life then Penomet is not for you. If you don’t care about yourself and your relationships then again, Penomet is not for you.

On the other hand, if you are willing to add inches to your penis in a safe and comfortable manner and enjoy those results for the rest of your life then please make yourself a gift and order Penomet! You simply cannot comprehend now in how many ways it will completely transform your life! Even if you already have a pretty sizeable dick, it is still possible to increase its length and girth to achieve a monstrous snake that makes girls wet instantly.

First of all, you will see significant improvements in the quality of your orgasms. You will be able to last longer in bed. Penomet can also increase your sexual stamina, meaning that you will be able to have sex for a longer period of time and more frequently.

After a while, you will see that your shaft is longer and thicker. Your sexual partners will experience this first and they will praise you for your improvement. You will start to have more confidence, you will feel better about yourself, you will look better if you take naked pictures, you name it!

Also, the confidence boost you get with Penomet is absolutely phenomenal. Nothing can be better than enjoying life at the fullest and living like a rock star or like a porn star if you want! When you know that you have a great “package” to offer to girls, you will definitely love life more and want to go out more often, go to parties and have more adventures and experiences.

Penomet has already transformed the life of thousands and thousands of guys out there who were just like you. Why not taking advantage of a safe and tested product when it comes to you so inviting? Use Penomet and you will not regret it!

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