Why L-Arginine is so important for male sexual health?

L-Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid (a protein) which is very successful in treating erectile dysfunction and increasing libido in men. A study published in the Journal of sex and marital therapy found that, “80 percent of men (out of 40, age group 25 to 45) with erectile dysfunction treated with a regimen that also included L-arginine (dosage: 1.7 g/day) recovered from their erectile dysfunction after one month of treatment.

For the same reason, L-arginine is often known as “Nature’s Viagra”, because it has been very well known in treating male impotency. In addition, it also bolsters the immune system and increases the amount of nitric oxide in your body which has been shown to have a correlation with getting and sustaining an erection.

Sources of L-arginine

While L-arginine can be found naturally through food such as: poultry, meat, dairy products, fish and also in walnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, almonds, peanuts, and meats, it is often difficult to consume all these foods regularly and in sufficient quantities. It is, therefore, easier and cheaper to take some natural herbal supplement that contains sufficient quantities of L-arginine.

How does L-arginine act?

L-arginine is a natural a precursor to nitric oxide, involved in the mechanism of erection.  You should remember that it is this nitric oxide that will allow for the relaxation of smooth muscle surrounding the penis’ blood vessels, dilating them and increasing blood flow. This increased blood flow should encourage erections. L-arginine can lead to overall increased body circulation, making erections harder and longer-lasting.

Also, according to some experts, L-arginine also supports healthy sperm production and motility. Over 50 years ago, researchers found that feeding an arginine-deficient diet to adult men for nine days decreased sperm counts by approximately 90 percent and increased the percentage of non-motile sperm approximately 10-fold.
Taking an L-arginine amino acid can also help reverse the effects of having low levels of testosterone. When this hormone is too low, your interest in sex is affected. Therefore, L-arginine not only increases the quality and grade of your sex potential and sexual performance, it also enhances your libido i.e. sexual desire.

If your sex life has been suffering due to low sex drive, unsustainable erections, and a decreased libido, you may want to start treating it naturally by using some safe and time-tested herbal supplement that contains L-arginine. Instead of taking costly, potentially dangerous medicines, that aren’t even guaranteed to work, why not give herbal supplements a chance.

One of such supplements, Male Extra, has long been used for treating male sexual deficiencies and may just be the answer you are looking for as it contains sufficient quantities of L-arginine and other key herbal and dietary components that are considered essential for an ideal sexual & reproductive health in men.

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