Masturbation, onanism, self-pleasuring are the words describing a process when person is reaching sexual excitement and satisfaction by exciting his erogenous zones by himself.

Everyone has heard different horror stories about masturbation, starting from possibility to get demented to possible extinction of spermatozoids. Although attitude of society changes with every year, there still are these myths living in each of us and they increase even more when any sexual character problems arise. In such moments first question is – “isn’t this happening because I masturbate?”

Speaking of masturbation has to add that it’s used in treatment and prevention of various sexual problems. More precisely, the methods which are used to prevent these problems come from masturbation – developing it and adjusting it to particular needs. Before, eastern countries, now countries all around the word, had special salons for massages of the genitals, in which they were doing penis massages. These massages were usually used by men who don’t have a regular sex life, also, young boys were brought there to prepare them for sexual life – to teach how to control ejaculation and to prevent different defects in penis development.

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