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How to enlarge penis? What to do to make it longer and wider? Is it possible to stretch it? Is it possible to enlarge the head of the penis? How to straighten it? How big does penis have to be at puberty age? Is my penis big enough? Maybe it’s too slim?

With these and similar questions about size of the penis, its shape and curves I have to meet every day because already more than 7 years I work in a field which is directly connected to male genital enlargement and corrections of penis’ shapes.

dr. Arturs Vavere Penis enlargement doctor

Dr. Arturs Vavere

There are so many advertisements with offers around these days, they promise significant enlargement of the penis in a short time.

Don’t believe in that! It’s not possible to increase size of the penis in such a short time. From my own experience of many years I can assure you that maximum gain is 1 cm (2/5 inch) a month – bigger increase is not natural and may bring damage to man’s health.

Yes, there have been exceptions, but that is for young teenagers at age 14-16, which using the program I have developed for penis enlargement (augeotensive method), have achieved maximal possible increase of the penis 1.5 cm (3/5 inch) in a first month but after that, increase gets smaller. This fact has its scientific explanation.

You also shouldn’t believe about “penis enlargement pills“, which will work if you will take them regularly for couple of months in line. Firstly, and that is the most important, there are no pills for penis enlargement. These food additives or biologically active substances, as they are certified have only some connection with penis enlargement.

In the process of penis enlargement pills can be used but this has to be considered carefully and individually for person – the age of the man, hormonal level, sexual activity and other indicators as well as composition of these pills.

Long term use of penis enlargement pills might ruin hormonal system of the man. When they are stopped to use, significantly decreases level of natural man hormones and there occur consequences connected with that – decreasing of erection and libido, but that is already different subject.

Man who by some reasons have decided to enlarge his penis size or avert curve of the penis – straighten it out, getting in touch with this huge offer gets confused…

What to do? Which penis enlargement method to chose, to achieve that, increase the penis size and shape a big and beautiful penis, avert it’s curve, enlarge the head of the penis?

During my practice I’ve met different situations in connection with penis size – enlargement of its length, width, as well as with different specific issues such as enlargement of the head of the penis, straightening of the curve. In these years I have gained very good experience in work with penis enlargement.

Big part of the available penis enlargement methods is deliberately complex, especially the ones which are offered for money. Sometimes it feels that people who are describing these methods do more fantasizing than justify description of their enlargement method.

The method of penis enlargement and correction method (augeotensive penis enlargement method) is developed on the basis of practical work. During my practice as a doctor sexologist, I have personally done penis enlargement procedures for more than 300 men a year, and in this method there are included most important and effective elements, making it simple and easy to understand for everyone.

If you have seriously decided to lengthen your penis or correct it’s curve, then I highly recommend you to try out the Phallosan Forte which is known to be extremely comfortable for all day wear. The extender was approved by the FDA and is sold in pharmacies throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I am suggesting it because from my experience I have discovered that it is much more practical in use than other similar devices – Jes Extender, Pro Extender, Vimax Extender. Highly recommended for those who want faster result and a quality product. For those who are looking for a cheaper option can try the BathMate Hydropump (low end model cost $100 which is sufficient for most men, but if you have the extra money, go for the X-series for faster result) which is the most balanced device for those who want to achieve a longer and thicker penis.

Wish you good luck and persistence!

More information coming soon!

Dr. Arturs Vavere

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