Top reasons why men want to enlarge their penis?

We recently did a survey on more than 1500 men; We wanted to know their #1 reason why they want to know more about penis enlargement.

The response was amazing from many aspects – starting from the age range, from very young (16 and up) to seniors (50-75), and from the ‘just curious’ to really serious problems.

Here are some of the comments that men gave us on why they want to enlarge:

Respected Sir/Madam
I’m never been married and never gone to have sex with partner still life I’m fatty I’m innocent person. I really need help to Give sex how to improve my power & to give her complete satisfaction to her. I got 4.5″ long penis I m 28 year old weight is 95 Kg. now even I got erection to penis means u understand. Because I was taking drink lots. Now I want to go for sex for married life gives me suggestion for better sexual life thanks sir/madam.

I’m 54 and never was comfortable with the size or length of all my life and don’t get sex much ether.

At 62 years and having a degree of bad health I am finding it heart bracingly difficult to achieve a meaning full erection. I am finding that I am staying up late at nights so my wife will go to bed before me and be asleep before I go to bed, this way I know I won’t disappoint her. She is 14 years younger than I and I know our situation is causing problems with our relationship.

I have 6 inches, but I like just that bit bigger for my wife, but it is no that thick so I hope it works, I am 31 stocky build.

I want to be longer and bigger for my new wife.

I have a small penis.

Because I want to feel me more secure.

To feel more confident with women.

To please partner.

I want it a little bigger.

I’d like to enlarge my penny.

To give me more confidence.

It is thin.

I have been small all my life I want to be larger before I end my life.

Better sex.

Now I am 6; I wanted to the 9 and girth 3;

I just want a bigger dick.

Want to increase size.

I am young and my penis length is only 5.5 inches.

I want to enlarge my penis for self-esteem.

For more pleasure.

My #1 reason is to be bigger.

It is just 6″ on erection & about 1.5″ girth; this is too small for a real girl lover.


I want a longer, thicker and harder penis.

Not pleasing my wife anymore.

Well I am Very Upset Due to My Penis Size.


Too small.

I am happy with the length and girth as it is, but it looks disproportionate as the girth is too small for the length.

I feel that my size isn’t big enough and I want to impress my girlfriend.

Self Confidence.

Because, why not?

The main reason is just because I think that the size of my pennis is not big enough to make my couple feel pleased, I really feel frustrated, and I need a solution. That’s all.

Techniques for penis lengthening.

I always here my girl friend talk about the size of her previous lovers penis and I’m a far cry from that and she is on spring break with a few friends and I want to surprise her when she comes back and this has really caused my self esteem to drop also.

I have a small penis and would like to have it bigger for sexual purposes.

I want to surprise my girlfriend.

Female Attraction.

Too small.

Desire a longer penis.

To satisfy my wife.

No real problems with size, but really interested if it’s possible to go bigger. Never heard gals complain when sizing up.

Sexual gratification.

I want to give best sex experience to my wife.

For better sex appeal.

So that It will boost my self esteem and build up my confidence more.

Adds confidence.

To get full happy on sex with my wife.

Added confidence and greater stimulation for partner.

More satisfaction for my wife.


I want to feel bigger. I want to be able to stimulate my girlfriend by just using my penis. Plus it would look great in the changing rooms!

For my self-esteem.

I’ve always felt embarrassed of my penis size, playing sport when I was younger was always awkward having showers after the game and now that I’m older I basically want to satisfy my partner more.

I want see the look on my gal when she sees my big Willy!

Because it is small when I’m still a kid and I’m so shy about that, afraid my girlfriend will dumb me.

Because I want my mate to be 110% satisfied!

Like to have a larger penis.

Because I would like to have a bigger penis for a better sex life.

Trying to restore foreskin.

My girlfriend.

I am fairly small about 4 inches and it is embarrassing.

Don’t know the normal size is it to big or to small and I don’t want it to be too small.

I feel my penile is too small for my girlfriend even though she says it isn’t. I am ashamed of it.

To increase my penis size for better sex.

To see if it’s possible.

Not happy with current size.

It’s too small for my age, I am 21 and it measures only 5″ when hard.

Exercises for improved blood flow, not enlargement.

I want to feel the enjoyment of pleasing women in a better fashion.

To make my erections stronger.

My penis is only 3 inches.

So that I can feel good to show my girlfriend my penis.

To satisfy women better.

My wife is fat so it my penis can’t reach till end.

So that I can be happier and more confident.

Self dissatisfaction.

My cock is only 3.5 inches long when erect.

Because I’m only 5.5 long and 5 to 5.5 girth and every girl I talk to says that’s as small as they will go or to small I want to get at least up to 7 length and 6 for girth.

Mine is too small!

To be a better lover!

My reason is because it is not as big and I want to pleasure girls.

I just got in an intimate relationship with my girlfriend. One night she was in the mood for sex. I pulled out my penis and I could see that she was not pleased. I worked her. She didn’t have any orgasms. Please show me a way to get my 4.5 inches penis enlarged!

So I will not have to work to hard when I’m having sex.

My penis is small; I’d like to enlarge my penis.

To be more attractive to woman.

Have great pleasure.

My penis is only four inches long.

So my girlfriend will make love with me more.

No fun of sex with small pennies.

Bigger is much better.

It is short and small.

To impress my wife.

Because I want a big cock.

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