Masturbation and penis size

Does masturbation give an effect on size of the penis? Do those who masturbate regularly have bigger penises? These and some other questions are often asked me in connection with increasing of the size of the penis. So how big is the role of the masturbation in penis enlargement?

Simple answer to this question would be: if this was true then 95-98% of the men would had big and well developed penises, because as studies show, only 2-5% of men have never masturbated.

From my own experience have to say that there are men who have never masturbated but their penises are above average from nature. And in the same time there are enough men who have small or middle size penises and they regularly involve in penis enlargement programs and masturbate regularly.

Looks like answer would be obvious, but in the same time have to say that there are men who have achieved the change of the size with regular masturbation. In most of the cases these men wanted to change the shape or curve of their penises. Usually in such a cases penis have disproportionate wide middle section and is thin at the base.

So the conclusion is that there is a connection between masturbation (onanation) and penis form. This question is very important for boys at puberty age – in this period of time the most intensive growth of penis take place, some little and correct stimulation of it might support it’s growth. Also, at this age, frequent and incorrect masturbation might stimulate the formation of incorrect shape and visual deformation of the penis.

Comparing the manual technique of penis enlargement with masturbation

See similarities as well as essential differences:

– The goal – the most essential difference between masturbation and enlargement – masturbation is practiced to achieve ejaculation and all the consequences connected to that; but performing enlargement massages you perform targeted actions which are directed towards prolongation of penis ligaments and formation of new tissues;

– Technique -it’s different depending on purpose with which we are working with penis. Masturbating there are different ways how to achieve ejaculation and only few ways might enlarge your penis. When masturbating, there is just superficial stimulation of penis taking place, In it’s turn, at enlargement procedure, actions are directed towards increasing of the mass of ligaments and tissues;

– Time – for most of the men masturbation takes not more than 5-10 minutes, in it’s turn penis enlargement massage takes at least 45 and sometimes even 90 minutes;

– Regularity – usually man masturbates when he has a wish, when he gets sexually excited, etc., enlargement procedures take place regularly – 2-3 times a week;

– Sexual activity – usually men masturbate if they have nobody to have sex with. But when you’re having penis enlargement procedures it would even be advisory to be sexually active because it will fortify the effect of achieved enlargement;

– Excitement – with masturbation it is integral part of it. At massages, it’s advisory since it stimulates rising of hormonal level;

– Erection – masturbation is directed to increasing of erection. During a massage, it’s periodically needed to have the erection – mostly, penis is enough filled already without it;

– Ejaculation – it’s an objective and final of the masturbation process. At enlargement procedures – only sometimes.

From before mentioned you can see that there is enough common masturbation has with penis enlargement procedure – manual method. But these differences are essential enough, so you can’t achieve penis enlargement during simple masturbation.


During masturbation you can’t achieve penis enlargement, but since masturbation techniques are different there might be a situation where in this technique are included elements of enlargement massage and as a result might appear some size or shape changes. Most often these elements are included unconsciously and they stimulate penis form or bending defects – visual defects which occur as a result of “incorrect” masturbation.

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