Do you need a bigger penis?

Do you need to enlarge your penis? How can you be sure that with bigger penis you’ll give your sexual partner much bigger pleasure?

The easiest way is to measure your penis. Knowing the size of erected penis you can determine whether it is small, middle or big size, but it’s not always giving a necessary answer. Important is not only length of the penis but also its width.

Questioning married women (study of 2001) it was found out that 22% of women would like their men to have longer penises, but 27% – practically every third women, said they would love their men’s penis wider – bigger in width. Only 15% of women have talked about this with their men!

It’s scientifically proven that If there have been regular sexual relationships for 3 to 5 years (in average 3-5 times a week), size of woman’s vagina adjusts to the size of her partner’s penis. Even if woman has not given birth in this period of time – sensitivity and stretch of vagina decreases. Much faster these processes take place after giving birth. A woman’s vagina has tendency to become bigger – stretch out, adjust to size of man’s penis, but it’s not getting smaller anymore! This is one of the reasons why with years, after long and regular sexual relationships decreases feelings during sexual contacts.

How to make sure that with wider or longer penis you’ll give your partner a bigger pleasure – stronger orgasm? That is simple!

You can make your penis longer and wider by using special rims. By such rims you can make your penis up to 5 cm longer and significantly increase its width. Performing this simple experiment – increasing a volume of your penis, you’ll make sure during the sex how much bigger pleasure you may give to your partner.

There are available different types of rims – only to lengthen penis, or ones only to make it wider. They are very easy to wear – you put it on a penis same as condom.

In the pictures below you can see how penis in erected state is lengthened for 5 centimeters (2in) with rim.

Small penis without rim Big penis with 2 inch long rim

(photos from

There are different shapes of rims for enlargement of penis width (girth) – smooth, with bumps, wrinkles, also with different thickness. You can increase your width up to 2 cm (4/5″).


Try to use one of the penis rims! Especially it would be good to make love with a rim on when your partner doesn’t know about it! After act is over, you can ask her what she thinks about it.

If you don’t want to change the size of your penis, you can use these rims constantly in your sexual intercourses.

You can use rims not only to find out if you need enlargement of your penis, but also for different sexual games which will help you to improve your sexual life.

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