Penomet Penis Pump Review

Penomet Penis Pump Review by Dr. Arturs Vavere

Penomet pump

A New and Guaranteed Method is Now Available!
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Penis pumps have been around for a while – but never like this!

Penomet Review & Rating
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Penomet is a great hydropump. Its super lightweight, and that makes using it in the shower easy. Because the cylinder is designed larger, the Penomet is not the best for for all guys. Still I would give them 4.5 stars and recommend it.

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Penomet was released a couple of years ago, but it is the newest method proven to work. Before sharing this relatively new method with you, it was necessary for us to look for more proof that it is truly a product you will want to use.

You will learn that this water pump is gradual, safe, and comfortable at providing permanent results as well as guaranteed, unlike other products on the market.

This review will examine results, safety, price, guarantees, user feedback, comparison details, and a few other facts.

Once you finish reading this review you will definitely want to buy this product for your penis enlargement.

Results you can expect

Penomet promises to provide up to 1-3 inches more in length with a 30% gain in girth.

But let us remind you – every person is different and they are going to see different results based on what they are already endowed with.

While designed for individuals who wish to have up to 8 inches in length, they do offer additional length options through accessories, as well as additional gaiters for more girth.

ResultsTo provide these results Penomet worked diligently to develop a penis pump with water assistance to create a proper volume and pressure for all around change, versus uneven growth and gain so common with old vacuum pumps.

Results will occur right away; however, the first few times you use the Penomet you should expect the results to be more temporary rather than permanent. It takes time to effect the change you desire with regard to length and girth.

Penomet guarantees permanent results within 30 days of proper use under proper safety measures.

You can use the pump for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. You want to start off making changes slowly. You never want to go over 15 to 30 minutes at a time, but you can add more than one session into your daily routine if you like.

Before and After Pictures of My Clients

Since the penomet uses the power of water and heat to accelerate permanent gains, a ton of before and after picture results are available, even from people who have only used it once or twice (remember the results in 15 minutes claim? Its legit).

Client 1:



Client 2:



Client 3:


Benefits of Penomet

  • Improved sexual confidence
  • Safe and comfortable to wear
  • Achieve penis girth of up to 30% thicker
  • Instant, visibly longer erections
  • An increase in penis size of 1-3 inches with regular use
  • The Penomet can comfortably accommodate any size penis
  • Can successfully reduce Peyronie’s disease
  • improved sexual performance

What makes Penomet unique is that it harnesses the power of water to effectively protect and provide support for the penis during the stretching process thus providing a safe method for impressive and permanent gains to penis length and girth.

Penomet pump


Permanent result? IT IS TRUE!

With Penomet Penis Pump you will have permanent results. Why is this so? Thanks to your daily routine, long-term gains will come if you are using a hot water. If you have daily 15 minute training, even without warming up you will get great results.

Fast results are possible with Penomet. Those results will last for around 8 hours, so you need to keep pumping. Only after three months, you will start a kind of cementing procedure and this is how permanent results will follow. Regular use will give you up to 30% in girth and 1-3 inches in length. My opinion is that you will get the girth, while length is not so easy to reach, maybe only 1 inch.

From the manufacturer:

“Generally, most individuals can gain between 1-3 inches in length with a 30% increase in thickness. People who are much smaller, flaccid, seem to get the fastest, most noticeable results; Generally, after between 1 to 3 months, the length will start increasing anywhere from half an inch upwards and the more you use it the fatter and longer your penis will appear.”


How Penomet Works VIDEO

Click the Play button and let the video load (1min long).

Safety and Design

Your safety is paramount to Penomet.

To ensure your safe use of this pump the manufacturer has created a water assisted usage. You can use the penis pump in the shower or bathtub, or without water. The design of the pump begins with a polycarbonate plastic that keeps it flexible and scalable. It has a two-part design with a gaiter made of medical grade silicon.

The interchangeable gaiter system ensures you can trade up to larger girth sizes as you begin to effect the changes you desire. This ensures a gradual, safe, comfortable enlargement as long as you use it for 15 to 30 minutes during each session.

You will create an aqua pressure (vacuum) when you use this pump in order to form equal volume and pressure within the cylinder.

You will need to pump to create a seal, with additional pumps during the 15 to 30 minutes to ensure the pressure is retained. At the end of a session there is a safety valve you remove to let the pressure escape. This provides a safe removal.

Penomet pump

The design also ensures you see results 65% faster than all other systems on the market.

Another part of the design is comfort. While it is polycarbonate plastic the design is kept flexible so the user will not experience any discomfort while using the pump. The gaiter silicon ensures that there is enough help to provide better girth without being uncomfortable.

Comparison to Other Methods on the Market

There are many other options to penis pumps. You have surgery, pills and extenders. These other methods have different levels of effectiveness, as do other penis pump products both vacuum and water based.

One of the main concerns with most penis enlargement products is a complete, all around permanent solution. Even other pumps have been unable to offer permanent results that are uniform.

Penomet is the one of few products that offers an even enlargement for both length and girth. Others have either provided girth expansion in one area or not provided long-term results for length.

Extenders, for example, are mostly going to help with length. They are designed to pull in order to lengthen your penis, but have little effect on girth. (learn more about extenders here)

Pills, while effective as enhancers are again not always going to offer you the results you would hope to see. Once you stop taking the pills you may see results disappear. Pills are best seen for short term use or in conjunction with other products like extender or pump or manual exercise program.

Surgery is another health situation. Most would like to hope there is no complication during penis enlargement surgery; however, complications can arise. Infection may occur due to surgery. The procedure could actually affect your ability to have sex.

There are cases where surgery has damaged the person’s ability to ejaculate or even satisfy the other person. Why take the chance when you have the Penomet penis pump to enlarge your penis? It is safe offering you a gradual, yet permanent change.

Warranty and Guarantee that comes with Penomet

Three year warranty is something you can expect even for the basic model. During that time you can replace it if something breaks. But, the possibility of breakage is very low, because it is made of really strong materials. You will also have a one year guarantee with full money return if you are not satisfied.



Price Comparison

It is important to look objectively at any penis pump or penis enlargement device not only in terms of use and results but also price. In comparison to other options, you should know that users, as well as the reviewer, found the Penomet’s price to be a perfectly acceptable.

Penomet is a one-time payment with money back guarantee if you do not see results in 60 days.

You can choose from a standard package that offers you access to support and accessories.


ApprovedThe Penomet Penis Pump is an all-natural, safe product that provides a gradual and comfortable experience for you. It will take time to provide you with permanent results.

You may not see up to 3 inches in length. You may not get 30% more girth. However, you will definitely see results and most of the users from tests conducted in the last two years do see at least these results.

The one thing it will promise is to offer you a harder and longer-lasting erection without premature ejaculation. This ensures that everyone involved is going to have a satisfying experience once you start using the Penomet penis pump. If you worry about the cost or the effectiveness on your penis then consider the guarantees it comes with.

You have nothing to lose by trying to get a better and longer-lasting erection through increasing your girth and length. You have a 60 day money back guarantee that ensures any dissatisfaction will not cost you anything. Users are thrilled with their overall experience with the Penomet Penis Pump.


FAQs About Penomet Penis Pump

You want to increase your self-confidence. You may also want to decrease or prevent premature ejaculation or impotence. Perhaps you are looking to increase stamina. You have questions about more than the results and safety of this penis pump. It is understandable with the various products on the market.

Perhaps you have tried some that have not offered expected results or wish to get the right product for your first and only attempt at enlargement quest. Here are some questions you may have about Penomet that our reviewer felt were necessary to know the answers to:

Does it really provide permanent results?

“Yes, for most gentlemen it will take 30 days to see permanent results. It can take a little longer, but prolonged use will certainly see long-term permanent results.”

What is the maximum length the Penomet offers?

“This new innovation from Penomet is designed for up to 8 inches in length and 30% more girth. There are additional accessories to help you with length if you feel 8 inches is not enough.”

Is there a limit to how long I can use the penis pump?

“Yes, you never want to go over 30 minutes for safety. It is best to stay within 15 to 30 minutes per session and increase your daily sessions as you get used to the procedure.”

Are there accessories to use with this particular device?

“Yes, once you purchase your Penomet penis pump you will have access to accessories including additional gaiters.”


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