Penis enlargement methods

Now a little bit about penis enlargement methods.

Looking at all of the offers, we can divide them into: surgical method, manual method, enlargement gadgets and food additives which are also called penis enlargement pills (Maxaman, Vig RX, SizePro, etc).

I can tell you right away – although all around the world very popular are surgical penis enlargement methods and manipulations, you should forget about them unless it’s some penis reconstructive surgery. In penis length or width enlargement this surgical method haven’t proved itself working, which is already described in some latest scientific publications, but this already is a subject for separate discussions.

As a basic method for penis enlargement – without any harm to men’s health and their sexual functions from very beginning has been manual penis enlargement method. Manual method has many variations but the essence is the specific work with penis. Penis enlargement is compared to body building and many call it “a small body building” and that’s how it actually is! To explain you – the same as in body building there are different options – gadgets and exercise equipment as well as food additives, but the essential is to exercise. Even in the basis of penis enlargement there is exercising.

Mechanic gadgets can be compared to simulators in sport, which relieve you the road towards your goal. The same as in sport there are better (“Andro-Penis”), not so good (“Jes-Extender’), and completely useless (“PenisPlus”, “MaxExtender”) devices. Mechanic gadgets can be divided in two groups: ones which are meant for penis enlargement in length and straightening out of the curve (“Andro-Penis”) and ones for enlargement of width of the penis and its head (vacuum pumps).

Penis enlargement pills – food additives for penis enlargement (Maxaman, Vig RX, SizePro) which work by increasing the level of male hormones in blood and despite the beautiful promises in advertisements don’t work without manual method. It can be compared to use of proteins without exercising. Will you have the athletic body just with having proteins and not exercising? In the same time I can tell you that these food additives in combination with other methods may stimulate the results, especially for men who have lowered level of natural male hormones in blood.

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