Which penis enlargement method to choose?

If you wish to enlarge your penis in length and width for few centimeters

Recommended: to use manual penis enlargement method. In average it will take 2 months to gain 1,5 – 2,5 centimeters (0.6 – 1inches) in length and some 2 cm in width/girth. In cases when ligaments are very resistant, this result might come slower and in such cases it would be advisory to use mechanical device “Phallosan Forte” (more about Phallosan Forte).

If you wish to enlarge your penis in length for about 3 cm or more

Recommended: To start with manual method, so, that in shorter period of time you gained the most in length (gaining some ~2 cm) and then after second month start wearing “Phallosan Forte“. With “Phallosan Forte” average gain in a month is around 0,5 cm and you can use it even up to 12 months, this way achieving significant result in penis enlargement.

If you wish to straighten out the crooked penis

Recommended: You should use “Phallosan Forte” extender; in average your penis will get 70% straighter within 6 months.

If you only wish to enlarge width of the penis

Recommended: To use manual penis enlargement. If tissue is not growing too well, use a short hormonal therapy or you can use food additives – Penis enlargement pills, but you should choose up-to-date preparations like SizePro, don’t use the ones which have yohimbine in them (Maxaman, Vig RX, etc.). You can also use vacuum pumps like BathMate Hydropump, but not the ones which are available at sex shops; also you should choose the correct size of the cylinder suitable for you.

If you wish to have the bigger and wider penis.

Recommended: To combine methods described above.

If you wish to enlarge penis but don’t have spare time to spend on it

Recommended:Then I highly recommend you to try out the Phallosan Forte which is known to be extremely comfortable for all day wear. The extender was approved by the FDA and is sold in pharmacies throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I am suggesting it because from my experience I have discovered that it is much more practical in use than other similar devices – Jes Extender, Pro Extender, Vimax Extender. Highly recommended for those who want faster result and a quality product..

Last words

If you wish to enlarge your penis, then there is such a possibility but it has to be complex work with taking into account your body type, life style, frequency of sexual contacts, as well as time available for you to spend on this issue.

To enlarge penis, there has to be a lot of time and work invested, but laziest ones can take food additives and hope for magic to happen – the effect will be the same – in math we call it a “0”.

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