The Dry Milking Technique

The dry milking technique is another exercise that can be incorporated into a complete penis enlargement program.  This technique will necessitate a partially erect penis in order to receive the best results.  If your penis begins to become fully erect, you should stop the exercise and wait until it returns to a partial erection.

The first part of this exercise will require you to create an ‘ok’ symbol with your thumb and forefinger, which needs to be firmly placed around the base of your penis.  Then, move forward along your partially erect penis and stop at the middle.  To complete the repetition, retreat to the base of the penis without releasing your grip.  This movement should be carried out until you feel that you have worked that section of your penis.

The next phase of this exercise will require you to begin at the base of your penis as described above.  With one fluid motion, you will move from the base to the tip of the penis.  Once you are at the tip, you will retreat to the base of the penis and repeat this process until you are satisfied with the workout.

There is a variation to this technique that can be performed by individuals that are comfortable.  This exercise works the root of the penis and is accomplished by positioning yourself on the bed.  With your knees bent and apart from each other, you will perform the dry milking technique, but this particular variation will require you to start the procedure from as far into the pubic bone as possible.

With any penis enlargement program, you should make sure that you are completing a full program and not just selected steps.  Otherwise, you may become improperly discouraged with the program, since you may not see the proper gains in your penis length and girth.  Successful penis enlargement relies on an effective program with essential exercise components.

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