Foreskin Restoration Exercises

When a man is born, the penis will contain the foreskin that covers the head of the body part.  While it is common practice in North America to remove the foreskin for various reasons, such as religious or visual, men that have their foreskin intact will experience greater levels of stimulation and sensitivity during sexual intercourse.  For this reason alone, circumcised men are continually searching for ways to restore the foreskin to their penis.

Many restoration methods exist, such as foreskin devices, surgeries and products that fail to meet their intended purpose.  However, like the rest of the exercises mentioned on this website, an effective exercise exists which can be performed to restore the foreskin to the penis and can be an integral part of a complete penis enlargement program.   This exercise is known as the Foreskin Restorer exercise.

The Foreskin Restorer

The technique will require you to obtain a full erection.  Once you have obtained a full erection, place at the base of your penis an ‘ok’ symbol that is comprised of your forefinger and your thumb.

When you grab your penis with the ‘ok’ symbol, make sure that you are very comfortable and have tightly grabbed the penis.  Once you have performed this step, you will then pull towards your body at the point where the foreskin would naturally form.  A full repetition is pulling the skin towards your body for 10 seconds and then releasing.  You should complete several repetitions at least two times a week and make this exercise a part of your penis enlargement program.

One important aspect for you to remember with this exercise is that the process of restoring your foreskin will take some time.  Once you have restored your foreskin, you will be immediately pleased with the results and satisfied with the amount of time it took to obtain these results.  There is another exercise on our website that can help you restore your foreskin, as well as enlarge your penis.  It is called the Dry Milking Exercise.

As with any penis enlargement exercise, it is important immediately cease performing the specific section of your workout, if you feel any discomfort.  Achieving maximum sexual pleasure is the main focus of penis programs and exercises.

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