How to Measure Penis Size (Girth, Length, Flaccid, Erect)

When the decision has been made to engage in a penis enlargement program, it is important for a man to understand the right way to measure their penis.  Otherwise, at different intervals during the program, a man will not be able to make the proper calculations and may not notice the improvements in the size and girth of their penis.

This can lead to unwarranted disappointment with the program and possibly its cancellation altogether.  If you are about to start a penis enlargement program or would just like to know how to measure your penis accurately, then listed below are the ways to get this information.

Measuring Penis Flaccid Length

One of the measurements that are needed when participating in a penis enlargement program is the penis’s flaccid length.  However, as men are well aware, this length can easily change due to environmental factors, such as temperature.  Therefore, whenever a measurement is taken, it is critical that the same conditions are present to ensure that the readings are accurate.

One of the most notable gains in a penis enlargement program will be flaccid lengths.  To obtain this measurement, simply pull and hold your flaccid penis out in front of you with one hand (so that the penis is parallel with the floor) and place a ruler on your pubic bone.  It is important to place the ruler lightly with the end of the ruler showing “0” on your pubic bone in order to get a precise reading.  Record the measurement where the tip of the penis ends on the ruler.

Measuring Penis Erect Length

For this measurement, it is important that the same conditions are present in order to get comparable results.  When taking this measurement, the penis will need to be fully erect.  With your erect penis in one hand, place the ruler with the “0” end placed on your pubic bone and measure towards the tip of the penis.  Record the measurement.  It is important to take the actual measurement and not overstate the reading, as you do not want to become unmotivated to continue the program due to the results of future calculations.

Measuring Penis Flaccid Girth

A penis enlargement program will also help increase the girth of a man’s penis.  When this measurement is taken, it is vital that the dimensions are obtained from the correct penis position.  The best method to use when taking this measurement is at the center of the penis.  For this calculation, a fabric tape measure is going to be required because it can be easily wrapped around the penis.  With the penis pulled out in front of you (so that it is parallel with the floor), take the tape measure and wrap it around the penis.  It is important that the tape measure is not pulled tightly, but firmly on the penis.

Measuring Penis Erect Girth

Another measurement that is needed to track the progress of your penis enlargement program is the erect girth.  With your fully erect penis, hold it with one hand parallel to the floor.  Then, using the fabric tape, take the measurement in the center of the erect penis.  As a gauge, the average erect girth is between 5 and 5.5 inches (12.5-14 cm).

Accurate penis measurements allow a man to understand his true progress with an enlargement program, which leads to enhanced pleasure.

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