Long Shlong Exercises

Having different exercise options during a penis enlargement program can allow for proper gains.  Several long shlong exercises can be performed which complement any penis enlargement program. These exercises are not to be performed by themselves, but as part of a complete enlargement program in order to experience better results.

The Long Shlong

With a partially erect penis, you must take one hand and grasp it right below the head with all five fingers.  Gently squeeze the penis in this position and then stretch the penis to the left and hold.  Without releasing the pressure on your penis, stretch it to the right and hold.  Then, return to the starting position and release the pressure.  At this point, you will grab the head of the penis, squeeze gently and hold.  Throughout this process, always remember that if you experience any pain or discomfort, you are to stop the exercise immediately.

Long Shlong Heli

With a partially erect penis, grab the head of the penis.  Gently squeeze and then hold.  You will then grab the penis right at the base of the head with all five fingers.  Stretch the penis forward and bring your hand towards your stomach.  This position is held for several seconds and then you will rotate clockwise while still stretching the penis.  When you have circled around to the starting position, release the pressure of the penis to restart the technique.  After two revolutions, smack the penis gently on your thigh to return circulation to it.

Double-Handed Shlong

This exercise will return the use of both hands simultaneously.  With one hand, grab your penis at the base of the head and with the other, grab the remaining of the shaft.  You should gently squeeze and stretch your penis and hold this position for several seconds.  You will release the penis and smack it gently on your thigh to return circulation to your penis.  This process is to be performed like the positions on a compass; north, east, south and west.

The Pressured Shlong

For this exercise, you will grab your partially erect penis with one hand at the base of the head with your thumb and forefinger.  Then, with the other hand, you will take your thumb and press along the shaft of your penis by starting at the base and moving towards the head and back again.

It is important for you to make sure that you are comfortable while performing these exercises.  If you are uncomfortable at anytime, you should cease them immediately.  Making these exercises part your penis enlargement program is the only way to obtain the gains that you require.

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