PC Muscle Exercises or Kegels Technique

Another exercise that completes a penis enlargement program is PC or Kegels techniques.  These practices can help increase the size and strength of your erections, which will certainly please your sexual partner.

PC Clamps

This simple exercise is one of the easiest exercises that you can perform.  Although penis enlargement program beginners may find it hard to complete numerous repetitions, the ideal target for this exercise is three reps of one hundred each.  The exercise consists of a simple and quick squeeze before releasing your PC muscle.  Your PC muscle may be fatigued after the method is complete, but within a day or two, you will notice immediate results in the firmness of your erection.

Long Slow Squeeze

This exercise will require you to conduct 5 repetitions of 30, with a 30-second break between reps in order to get the most out of the exercise.  Start the exercise by deeply contracting your PC muscle and holding it as long as possible.  Then, at the point when you think you cannot hold it any longer, try to hold it for at least 20 additional seconds.  Repeat this process 30 times and then take a break.

When you are able to perform this exercise for 10 repetitions with PC holds of around 2 minutes, you are then ready to incorporate them into your penis enlargement program.  In addition, you will notice immediate results in the firmness of your erections, as well as your ability to control how your orgasms occur.

The PC Stair Steps Workout

When you perform this exercise you will be gradually stepping up the intensity of the workout.  Start the process by squeezing your PC muscle, holding and then releasing.  The next repetition will be more intense and for a longer period of time.  It is recommended that you perform five repetitions of this exercise, with the length of the breaks as small as possible.

The PC Flutter

Another exercise that will help to increase the strength and stamina of your PC muscle is the PC Flutter.  When you correctly perform this exercise, you will feel a surge of energy through your body each time it is performed.  To start the process, you should be in a relaxed state.  Then, you will slowly squeeze your PC muscle until you begin to tremble.  At the point when you feel an increase in energy in your body, you should begin to breathe inward and outward slowly.  A beginner to this exercise should try to perform at least 20 repetitions, with a skilled individual completing 200 or more repetitions.

Using the right penis exercises can positively affect your penis enlargement program.  Enhanced sexual pleasure depends upon proper techniques.

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