Exercise to Increase Penis Girth

One aspect of the penis that is very important to men is their girth.  The larger in diameter the penis is, the more confidence a man will have.  In addition, pleasure will be heightened for both the man and woman during sexual intercourse.

For those who want to increase their girth within a short period of time (1-3 months), I highly recommend you to try the BathMate Hydro Max. The low end model cost around $100 which is sufficient for most men, but if you have the extra money, go for the X-series for faster result. How the penis pump work is that it increases the blood flow of your penis, giving you a larger and thicker manhood.

If you have extra money and want quality, then give the Phallosan Forte (cost $330USD) a try. It is known to be extremely comfortable for all day and all night wear. The extender was approved by the FDA and is sold in pharmacies throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I am suggesting it because, from my experience, I have discovered that it is much more practical in use than other similar devices – Jes Extender, Pro Extender, Vimax Extender. Highly recommended for those who want faster result and a quality product. Is the “LV” of penis extender.

For those who does not have the extra money can try the exercise below that can slowly improve your girth — result might take 9 months to a year to show. The exercise that should be included in your penis enlargement routine that will help to increase the girth of your penis much like the Jelq and the Kegel.

The Horizontal Movement

This exercise will require you to use a lubricant in order to facilitate a maximum increase in girth.  With your hands, cover your penis in lubricant and bring it to a partial erection.  Once your penis is partially erect, place one hand at the base of the penis with an ‘ok’ symbol.  Then, place your other hand at the base of the head of your penis and close the hand with an ‘ok’ symbol around it.

Applying a slight pressure to your penis, move the hand at the head slowly to the base of the penis. The goal of the hand firmly gripping the base is to trap the blood in your penis so that it expands the tissue in the penis, effectively increasing its girth.  As you move the hand from the top to the base, you should feel the blood flow down the shaft.  When you reach the base of the penis, you will then move towards the head once more.  If you are performing this exercise correctly, you will feel the blood moving within the penis in the direction of your hand.  A complete repetition is the movement down and up the shaft of penis, which should take between 2 to 3 seconds to complete.

This technique should become part of your routine in a frequency that is right for you.  While performing this exercise, you can execute as many repetitions as is possible in order to reach the intended girth.  In addition to the increase in girth that your penis will experience with this exercise, you will also have the capability of controlling when you ejaculate during sexual intercourse.  As you continue this technique, the control will increase, allowing you to please your partner for a longer amount of time.

The right control and size of the penis is beneficial to both partners. Sexual relationships depend on a man’s ability to perform well in bed.

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