Penis Length Exercises

Making the decision to complete a penis enlargement program can provide an individual with the desired expansion to their penis.  It is important that a male uses the right exercises to complement a penis enlargement program, which can help not only improve the results, but also the time in which the results are realized.  If you are currently enrolled in a penis enlargement program, then listed below are some additional length exercises.

The Double Hand

This penis length exercise will require a partially erect penis to obtain the intended results.  The exercise is performed while in a seated position, which helps to increase the blood flow to the lower pelvis region.

Once you have reached a partially erect penis and are in a comfortable position, you will need to form a firm grip around the base of the penis with one hand in order to reduce the amount of blood in the penis.  After the blood has been reduced, you will then need to lubricate your penis.

With both hands, you will need to firmly grip your penis and apply pressure around its base.  Then, slowly move your hands up the shaft of the penis towards the tip, which should take anywhere between 3 to 5 seconds. This exercise can be repeated as many times as you are able to handle it.  However, if at any time you are uncomfortable performing this or any other penis enlargement exercise, you should stop immediately.

The Sit Down Stretch

This technique has increased in popularity among participants of penis enlargement programs because it is aimed at increasing the length gains of your flaccid penis.  You will need to take your penis and make it approximately 30% erect.  Then tuck the penis between your legs and sit down on a firm chair.  You are to remain in this seated position for up to 30 minutes or for as long as you feel comfortable.   While this exercise is effective, it should not be considered a replacement for a penis enlargement program — it is strictly an exercise that is to be completed with a full fledge program.

These length exercises are a great way to obtain the gains that you need.  When they are used in conjunction with a complete penis enlargement program, you will begin to notice an increase in your penis size, as well as your sexual performance.

The Power Stretch

It is advised that penis enlargement program beginners do not perform this exercise, as it is reserved for more experienced individuals.  When you are comfortable with your penis exercises, then you may want to think about moving forward with this exercise.

The technique starts with stretching your flaccid penis by the head, parallel to the floor.  Once you have accomplished this, you will need to squeeze your PC muscle for approximately 5 seconds (individuals with previous penis enlargement exercise experience will be familiar with this process).

While stretching the penis, you will proceed in different directions — left, right, up and down, all while squeezing your PC muscle.  A full repetition is completed when you perform all four directional stretches.  You can replicate this exercise for as many repetitions that you are capable of handling.  This exercise is an effective addition to your penis enlargement workout.

You will be able to see immediate changes in your sexual performance because the PC muscle is also being exercised.  It is important to note that if you perform this exercise the same day as engaging in sexual intercourse, you may find that your penis will not respond as customary.  This is due to fatigue, which will subside within one day, allowing your performance to return to normal.

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