Penis Warm Up Exercises

Starting a penis enlargement program will require you to complete some warm up exercises in order to get the most benefits and to ensure that your penis remains healthy.  Before starting the program, it is important that you become familiar with the exercises below.

The Wake Up Cloth

This exercise is relatively simple and it will ensure that your penis is ready for any enlargement procedures.  To start the process, you will need a bowl of warm to hot water and a hand towel.  Take the hand towel and soak it in the bowl of warm to hot water, so that is becomes heated.  It is important to note that the towel should not be too hot, as it could burn your penis.

Once the increase in towel’s temperature has been reached, take the towel and cover your penis and testicles completely.  You may experience a slight discomfort from the temperature, but it will subside.  The towel should remain on your penis for approximately one minute.  Repeat this procedure so that your penis will be loose, as you are now ready to begin your penis enlargement program.

Stretching Blood Flow

This warm up exercise is to be completed while in a seated position, as it will maximize the blood flow to the penis, as well as the pelvis and lower abdomen.  In a seated position and with a flaccid penis, form a ring with the forefinger and thumb around the base of your penis.  Then gently move from the base of the penis to the tip so that the blood flow will increase.  Repeat this process until your penis gradually becomes erect.

Once you have reached the maximum amount of blood in the head of your penis, you need to create an ‘ok’ symbol using your fingers.  By gradually moving forwards and backwards on your penis and applying a constant level of pressure, you will be able to enlarge the penis so that more blood come be held in the penis during a full erection.  It is important to note that you should take caution when performing this exercise, as it is an advanced procedure.  It can be incorporated into a penis enlargement program for maximum effectiveness.

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