Testicular Exercises

It is important for a man to have a healthy and well-functioning penis.  A man that is using a penis enlargement program must pay attention to their testicles.  Without them, it would be impossible for a man to procreate, as they would not have any sperm.

It is also important for the man’s sperm count to be as high as possible in order to ensure that they can create a child with the right amount of sperm.  Listed below is a testicle exercise that will help maintain the health of your testicles, as well as increase the amount of your sperm.

Testicle Treats

This exercise will require you to have a hand towel, a bowl of warm water and lubrication.  To start this exercise, you must immerse the hand towel in warm water and let it soak for approximately one minute.  Then, ring the towel out so that it is damp and not soaking wet and place it around your testicles.  You should let the towel remain on the testicles for approximately five minutes before removing it.  You will notice that the testicles have become more flexible and the skin softer.

The next step is to lubricate your testicles.  Always be mindful that this organ is delicate and should be treated in a careful manner.  Some of the pull movements that will need to be performed include straight down, to the left and right, as well as back between your legs.  The idea is to give your testicles more room.  The exercise should be complete within 2 minutes, once per day.  To complete the technique, apply gentle pressure to your testicles for no more than 5 minutes.

This exercise should become part of the penis enlargement program to ensure that you are focusing on the entire organ and not just select parts.  If at any time during this exercise you feel discomfort, you should cease this procedure immediately.  Enhanced sexual performance depends upon the proper execution of a penis exercise contained within the program.

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