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SizeGenetics is the extender that personally recommend to use 5 days a week. It works, clients have gotten about 2 inches longer after using it for 6 months time. Great warranty, great packaging, and they back their product 100%. I put my stamp of approval on this extender, rated number one by me. **SizeGenetic is having a special limited time "free offer" that they are willing to give a full refund to those who send them before and after pictures after using SizeGenetic! Click here for more detail on SizeGenetic Offer.)

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Many people search the internet for a way to enlarge their penis. However, what exactly is the best method – is there an answer to this enlargement question? Here goes the answer! One of the top rated methods is the SizeGenetics traction device (penis extender), as it has been both clinically proven to work and is also medically backed by many doctors.

What Is The SizeGenetics?

The SizeGenetics is a traction device that has been designed to help increase the length and the width (girth) of the penis as well as provide additional benefits such as penile curvature straightening. The device is a grade 1 medical device, this showing that it is medically backed and safe to use. The traction device is made from high quality surgical steel, ensuring that it is durable and will not break like cheaper devices.

Main SizeGenetics Benefits

By using SizeGenetics penis extender you will be able to see incredible results such as;

  • Up to 3 Inches In length – Become Above Average In Length
  • Up to 25% Increase In Width – Get The Girth You Have Always Wanted
  • Correct Up To 70% Of Curvatures – Experience A Straighter Penis
  • Stronger And Longer Lasting Erections
  • Increased confidence
  • Free Extender for Before & After Photos!
  • free-device-offer

Why I chose SizeGenetics?10935-CTA-guarantee

When I choose something, it must always be the best. That was the main reason I gave my trust to the SizeGenetics. When a firm has been in the market for 16 years, it is obvious that’s because of the product quality being sold. Their devices for penis enlargement are really something special. This company has all the recommendations from plastic surgeons, and other doctors, but it also has a significant certificates. One of them is CE-certified Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement Device. Very few penis extenders on the market comes from producers who have these certificates, and they are very important, because a certificate means that these devices have been approved for use in physical therapy, surgery, and treatment in specific medical procedures. Suffice it to note that the term medical device is used in medicine even for the artificial heart. In addition, we know that devices bearing the CE mark are certified by an independent organization that guarantees quality. They also offers 100% 6 month money back guarantee!


SizeGenetics Features

With a high quality device you would expect it to have features that many cheaper devices may not include.

  • Medical Type 1 Traction device
  • Unique Comfort Mechanism
  • High Quality Case
  • Discreet Travel Case
  • Penis Health Online Access and DVD
  • Love Centria Online Access with 52 Online DVDs

Before and After Pictures of Clients that Used Size Genetics


Client 1


Client 2


Client 3


Client 4

Click this link to visit SizeGenetics official website.

Clinical Trials – Penis Enlargement Devices Do Actually Work!

Many medical professionals have researched into penis enlargement and this has led to clinical trials being done on different methods. Penis Stretchers such as the SizeGenetics are currently the only penis enlargement method that has been medically proven to work.


Below are some of the clinical trials that had been done.

Effects on penile size with penile extensor by Traction Force

Z Lee, XB Zhu, YD Liu, WJ Ye, YX Wang.
Shanghai Institute of Andrology, Renji Hospital Affiliated to Medical. College, Shanghai Jiaotong University (Shanghai, China).

Conclusion Of Study

The penis extender has the ability to increase length and width. It has shown that it is safe to use and free from any harmful side effects


Enlargement of penis in patients with hypogonadism complex approach to clinical practice

10th Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM), Lisbon, Portugal, 2007.
M.M. Sokolschik, R.Y. Petrovich, S.V. Gagarina, Ya.A. Vaziev, I.V.
Sadakova Moscow, Russia.

Conclusion Of Study

During a 6 month period 44 people used an extender and also continued hormonal therapy. In this time period people saw an average of 6.5 cm (2.56 inches) increase in length while the penis was erect.

Note: Study above also shows that complex approaches – like natural methods combined with enhancement pills, has lead to greater results for many users and our readers.

Penile Straightening

SizeGenetics is an effective penis straightening device as well, and has been recommended by doctors for Peyronie’s Disease for years. Bent penis, or an exaggerated curving to the left or right, can be remedied in a few months. Wearing this to even out curves or angles will at the same time increase your length, so its a win-win situation. The training and guides for penis enlargement are also applicable for penile straightening, so no separate instructions are included for this specific purpose.


SizeGenetics Testimonials

We have received many e-mails from individuals that have used SizeGenetics and have seen some excellent results from it. We have also spoken to SizeGenetics in regards to the success stories found on their website.

Here are some of them:

Richard had used the SizeGenetics system for only 4 months and couldnt believe the results that he had seen. Richard had gained 1.5 – 1.8 inches in length in such a short period of time. This making his wife much happier with his size and dramatically improving their lovemaking.

Homer is 60 years old and had always felt that he was average until he had discovered what the average penis actually was. He had used the device for 4-6 hours per day and had seen 1.5 – 2 inches in length. This has not increased his confidence and increased is stamina

Jon had used the device for 4 months and couldnt believe his eyes at the results he had seen. By using SizeGenetics he had seen 1.8-2.1 inch gain in erect length and had even seen around 1 inch gain in the girth of the penis.

As you can see on average in a 4 month period people saw between 1.5 to 2 inches increase in length by using the SizeGenetics.

How Do You Actually Use The Size Genetics?

Many people are concerned that the device would be complicated and that they would not be able to figure out how to actually use it. This is far from truth, not only does the SizeGenetics provide you with an instructional DVD ROM but below you will find basic instructions on using the device.


The device is delivered ready made, like some devices you do not have to try and work out what goes where and how 1 part screws into another. Simply take out the device unit from its sealed bag, measure the penis 1 cm above your out stretched non erect penis and set the device to this length by adding additional metal rods.

You then take the top plastic head support, feed the rubber comfort strap through the holds in the plastic. The strap is positioned so that the triangle indent is facing away from the body, this will allow the strap to sit comfortably below the head of the penis.

Now that the penis is strapped into the device, you would wear this for the amount of time advised within the instructions. The first 6 weeks of wearing the device acts as an introduction period, therefore you will not be wearing it for the full recommended 8-10 hours per day. As you continue wearing the device you would gradually increase the amount of time you wear the device and also increase the length of the device by adding additional metal rods.

Pros and Cons Of Using The Size Genetics

full-sizegenetics-setNot every method of penis enlargement is going to be perfect, there will be some downsides to them as well.

Even though SizeGenetics is one of the most recommend and effective devices, it is not the cheapest. The cost may sometimes put people off from purchasing the device and see gains, one thing that people do have to remember is that you get what you pay for.

If you want to pay less for a device then you will find that the device will be less quality and this in turn would result in you not seeing as many size gains. At SizeGenetics they do however give several packages, this meaning that you can find a package that is suitable for your budget.

One of the biggest advantages of SizeGenetics is that it uses a unique comfort mechanism, many of the older cheaper devices use a silicon tube to hold the penis in place. This tube can cause irritation and discomfort around the glands of the penis, with the unique comfort the SizeGenetics comes with you will be able to use the device without any pain. Therefore you can ensure that you will see effective size gains without the discomfort cheaper devices may give.

The SizeGenetics system allows you to manually adjust the traction setting on the device, allowing you to add less or more pressure on the penis to help increase its length and girth. Thus us unlike other devices which only apply a set amount of traction based on the length of the device. The SizeGenetics allows you to add different traction settings, you can increase the traction from 900 to 1500 grams.

Due to the pros of SizeGenetics you should see up to 3 inches in length and up to 25% increase in the width of the penis. Not only is it clinically proven to work but it is also medically backed, this proving that you will see excellent results and no side effects while using the device.


10935-CTA-guaranteeIf you are looking for a method to enlarge the penis that is both clinically proven to work and guaranteed to give you the results you are looking. You need to look into getting the SizeGenetics System.

Click this link to visit SizeGenetics official website.

To ensure that you do get the gains you are looking for, SizeGenetics do provide a complete 6 month money back guarantee. If for any reason you do not see any gains then you can get all your money back. They offer a guarantee such as this because they know that you will see the gains advertised because of the device being clinically proven to work.

Why settle for a method that will not work for your, or a cheap and less effective device. You can use the SizeGenetics and see up to 3 inches in length and 25% increase in the width, no longer will you have to settle with average. Be above average and be the man you have always wanted to be.

p.s.if you send in your before/after pictures to them, you might get full refund as well as reward.

Your MensFAQ Team

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