8 Inch Long Penis Picture – How to Get It?

8 inch penis picture

Information from the visitor: Im 28.6ft, 78 kilo And I have an 8 inch cock in length and 5 inches flaccid.Circumference is 6.5 inches. Im more than happy with my penis, and so is my fiancee.

8 inch cock

First of all thank you for sending your picture. We are also happy about your happy love life. Hope you two are having good time.

Now let’s talk about your penis measurements and size.

Unfortunately for to our website visitors only one low quality picture was sent. Hopefully we can get an update from you.

On the bright side – 8 inch penis is very impressive size. Not many men have such long length size penis. Also mentioned girth is rather impressive. So all in all – you’re one well endowed bull amongst men.

Rating: pretty much perfect penis size – and if your fiancee is happy then you are one lucky person!

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6 and 3/4 inch long penis picture
Small 5 inch penis / 2.5 inches flaccid