6 and 3/4 inch long penis picture

penis picture from the top

hi im 26 years old I weight about 155 lbs and stand at 5’8. my penis when flaccid is about 4 inches and when erect is about 6 3/4 inches. The girth going around is 6 inches.

I am pretty happy with my penis but had a couple girlfriends tell me I have small testicles.

penis picture from the top

View from the top. The angle it makes it look big.

picture of the peni from the left side

View from the left. Penis looks well shaped. Well developed penis head.

erect penis - in sitting position

Another picture of same penis.

flacid penis picture

The flacid picture of the penis.

For your height and body complexion, you have pretty much ideal penis size. We are sure women love your 6 inch girth. Do not worry about the balls.

5 and 1/2 inch long penis picture
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