Extenze – A Product Review of Extenze

Extenze can make a difference in your life, or so the promise is made. The Extenze Company claims to have millions of users, with more trying their natural male enhancement supplement every day. The Extenze products are pills that have a unique all-natural mix of ingredients that are said to do a number of beneficial things for a man’s body, such as increasing blood flow to penile tissue and improving endurance.

Should you try the latest pills that have been promoted by the likes of NASCAR driver Kevin Conway, retired NFL coach Jimmy Johnson, and porn star Ron Jeremy? What do you need to know before trying out this so called wonder pill?

How Does Extenze Work and What Are the Ingredients?

The company claims that each and every ingredient in Extenze is chosen to give a man optimal performance and maximum size increases. The pill contains various amino acids, nutrients as well as herbal mixes.

The prohormone blend found in the pills includes micronized DHEA and pregnenolone. The Bio-enhancement blend features the seeds of black pepper and piper longum, as well as ginger root. The sexual response enhancement blend features 19 different ingredients, some of which are yohimbe extract, horny goat weed, astragalus, damiana and muira puama extract, among others. Other important Extenze ingredients include zinc and folate, which help with increased weight loss, boosted immune system and an improved mood.

When the supplements work, benefits for Extenze include harder and longer erections, increased intensity in orgasms, lasting endurance, and better control over when you ejaculate. All of these can lead to an overall better sex life for both you and your partner. On a scientific basis, the increase in blood flow and the improved mental and physical response that Extenze ingredients causes, can be expected. Of course, not everyone reacts the same way to this treatment.

The dosage process is simple. The user takes the Extenze pill every day, making it a part of a daily vitamin ritual. The ingredients in the Extenze pill work together to produce the above results. Note though that desired results can take up to three months to be fully realized, though many men claim to notice a big difference right away.

Does Extenze Have Any Side Effects or Risks?

The Extenze pills are completely natural unlike other prescription drugs which often contain man-made, artificial and even narcotic ingredients. Taking the pill everyday is a safe and effective way to deal with male enhancement with no side effects. Extenze pills have been through rigorous testing in clinical studies and they have been proven safe and often times effective.

You can also avoid doctor’s visits, follow up appointments and embarrassing questions, as this pill can be easy obtained online or in health food stores without a prescription. You also do not have to risk costly and dangerous surgeries or pumps and gadgets to seek male enhancement treatment. A money back guarantee is available, so there isn’t a significant risk to your wallet. Clinical studies (with endorsements from Dr. Daniel S. Stein, M.D.) and a money back guarantee will help put users’ minds at ease. This product has mainstream appeal and many testimonials speaking to its effectiveness.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • Stronger erections, better stamina, more intense orgasms
  • Safe, especially compared to alternatives
  • Doctor approved


  • Must be taken daily
  • Can take up to three months for full results

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