MaxiDerm Patch – A Review of the MaxiDerm Patch

The MaxiDerm Patch (owned by parent company Leading Edge Herbals) is advertised as the preferred choice of pharmaceutical companies, and this is true, in as much as the pharmaceutical companies prefer the technology of patches.  In fact, patches are medically prescribed for a number of prescription strength medications.  Guess what?  Men suffering from sexual sluggishness can take patches too.  How does the MaxiDerm Patch work?

What the MaxiDerm Patch Can Do

The MaxiDerm Patch delivers ingredients for male virility directly into the bloodstream of your body, a far superior method of absorption than taking pills, which must pass through the digestive system.  The ingredients, so claims MaxiDerm, can improve sexual stamina, provide more erection strength, and give better recovery time.  The “transdermal” method of delivery is ideal for men who do not like taking pills or who forget to take them.  Instead of taking a pill every day, a man can simply put on a new patch every 72 hours.

There are no major side effects associated with herbal ingredients, and in fact, all of the ingredients listed on the MaxiDerm patch package are healthy.  These natural ingredients include horny goat weed, cuscuta seed extract, ginkgo bilboa leaf, saw palmetto berry, and hawthorn berry.  These ingredients will cause an increase in blood flow to the genitals, as well as aphrodisiac effects.  Two other ingredients are worth noting: muira pauma bark extract and catuaba bark extract, which both improve male virility.  Some of ingredients also have antioxidant properties.  This is a 100% natural solution.

What Else MaxiDerm Offers

Interestingly, the Leading Edge Herbals doesn’t make any lofty claims of increasing your penis size to supernatural proportions.  The company sticks to the facts, and much to their credit.  All of these ingredients can only promote healthy function.  The only method of treatment studied and medically proven to increase penis size is traction extenders and exercises.  However, the penis can look bigger and feel much stronger with aphrodisiacal ingredients.

This patch can be worn anywhere on the body, though ideal places for application include the lower abdomen or the arm.  The company is currently offering a 60-day guarantee which covers two months of treatment.  The patch should gradually (and thus safely) release ingredients into the body, regardless of what you put on and what you do.  You could even shower without the patch being affected thanks to its layers of protection and adhesive material.

The company is definitely generous when it comes to extras—perhaps too generous?  With the MaxiDerm patch, users get free shipping, a box of Nexus pheromones (which attract the opposite sex), a bottle of Semenax for potency and a free X-rated video of “Girls Gone Crazy.”

Say what you will about the packaging, the company does have a lot of supporters who stand tall for MaxiDerm’s effectiveness.  The ingredients of the patch are second to none in the industry, and there are no noted side effects.  The product is even endorsed by a medical professional: Dr. Michael A. Carter.  If you don’t like taking herbal pills you may find the MaxiDerm Patch a convenient and effective virility enhancer.

Pros and Cons of the MaxiDerm Patch


  • A package full of goodies with your purchase
  • Relatively inexpensive at $59.95 for a month’s supply
  • The ingredients do produce physical activity within the body, particularly in increasing blood flow to sexual organs


  • The two month guarantee is lacking compared to the competition
  • No exercise program
  • Herbal supplements in patch form or pill form do not lead to penis growth

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