ProEnhance Patch – A Review of the ProEnhance Patch


The ProEnhance Patch is a relief to men who don’t like feeling sexually inadequate and who don’t like the idea of taking herbal supplements by mouth.  The ProEnhance Company promises larger and stronger erections when users use their ProEnhance Patch.  This “transdermal” patch is doctor approved, and the company goes so far as to compare it to the nicotine patch.

How the ProEnhance Patch Works

The patch is a water-resistant patch that a man puts on a clean area of his skin.  The target spot is on his lower abdomen.  Every three days you replace the patch so more ingredients can transfer through transdermal delivery.  The benefits of using the patch are in the slowness and consistency of the delivery, as well as the fast-acting effectiveness.  It’s slow enough to not cause side effects, but fast-acting enough because the ingredients do not have to go through the digestive system.

Instead, the ingredients hit your bloodstream right away.  The patch looks like an ordinary band-aid and can be worn underneath everyday clothing.  It can even be worn inside the shower or even during sex.  Some men report seeing notable differences within 30 days of using the patch.  Other men claim to feel and see better results in as little as one week.  The company is confident that the system will work and is offering a 60-day money back guarantee.

What’s Inside the ProEnhance Patch?

The patch has five layers; first, there is the liner, which protects the patch during storage.  Next, there is the backing layer, which further protects the patch.  The next layer is the herbal formula.  Menthol is used for penetration enhancement, and the last layer is the skin-safe adhesive with herbal formulation.

Some of the most powerful ingredients included in the patch are ginseng, a stimulant, fo-ti, an herbal tonic, gotu kola, a blood flow increaser, saw palmetto, for prostate health and damiana, an aphrodisiac.  These ingredients do not literally cause penis enlargement.  However, by improving various physical processes (namely mental clarity and genital blood flow) they can cause some changes in libido, erection strength, semen volume and larger-looking erections.

What the ProEnhance Patch Gives You

The company is offering 24-7 customer support by email, online chat and phone.  They also stand by their two month money back guarantee and give out some free bonuses with patch orders.  Current giveaways include volume enhancement pills, a website membership, and other sexual enhancement pills.

The company’s patch product has been endorses by two doctors; Dr. Alexis Vazquez and Dr. Michael A. Carter.  Viewers can see their video testimonials on the official website.  The company claims that users can see results within one month and reach their full peak at the fifth month.  The patch is relatively small, at 1.5 x 1.5 inches and is a convenient way to continue herbal enhancement treatment.

If you don’t like the idea of taking pills on a regular basis, or are afraid of traction devices, then the patch may serve you well.

Pros and Cons of the ProEnhance Patch

  • A convenient method of delivery, perhaps more effective than pills
  • An effective blend that can help restore sexual virility
  • A money back guarantee


  • A slight risk of discomfort, or in rare cases, heart problems
  • Patches must be replaced every three days
  • No firm foundation for the company’s penis growth promise

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