ProSolution Pills – A Product of ProSolution Pills

Speed of Results:96/10097%
Ingredient Quality:96/10097%
Product Safety:98/10099%
Long Term Results:98/10098%
Customer Feedback:97/10097%
Industry Reputation:94/10098%
Gurantee:60 days

The Prosolution Pills Company, as you would expect of any male virility company, is certainly not modest. They not only claim that their formula will help men orgasm multiple times, grow in length and girth and last an entire night, but they also claim that their company is the “world’s top rated system.” Is this solution truly a breakthrough in the medical community or is it all just locker room talk?

Prosolution Pills’ #1 status is not an official ranking, but rather based on ten concepts of completeness; namely, doctor-approved, a “complete” system, proven ingredients, top quality manufacturing, value, top brand name quality (a cGMP facility), a money back guarantee, customer satisfaction, excellent shipping and bonuses to buyers.

How Do Prosolution Pills Work and What Are the Ingredients?

Prosolution Pills are an all natural supplemental product designed to increase penis size and performance naturally. Its combination of ingredients is an assemblage of aphrodisiacs, blood flow boosters and natural testosterone accelerators. In theory, all of these ingredients can cause an increase in sexual libido, improvement in stamina and in stronger ejaculation control.

However, the most important ingredients in ProSolution Pills are drilizen and solidilin. These are newly trademarked ingredients. Drilizen is reportedly able to increase the male body’s production of testosterone and nitric oxide. These ingredients can also help to increase blood flow to the penis. According to medical science, blood flow to the penis, made possible by the corpora cavernosa, determines the size of the penis.

In all, there are over 20 natural ingredients found in Prosolution Pills. Other ingredients of interest include taj and safflower, which are vasodilators operating in similar fashion to drilizen, and musli, a natural aphrodisiac. Shatavari is another notable ingredient, as this one is actually a full system tonic, sometimes used to enhance libido. The solidilin ingredient, as opposed to these other physical extracts, works on the brain. It stimulates the pleasure-giving neurotransmitters in your brain.

The brain is actually one of the most important organs for sex. Thus, if you want to increase your appetite and intensify your orgasms, proper brain health is necessary. Some clinical studies have reported that users that tried solidilin were able to prevent premature ejaculations and increase general stamina.

Does Prosolution Pills have any Side Effects?

ProSolution Pills is considered a safe alternative to chemical drugs, body stretching and penile surgery. Some users have reported nausea and increased blood pressure as mild side effects. Some users suffering from severe hypertension and cardiovascular disorders have also reacted negatively to ProSolution Pills.

However, proper dosage of these enhancement pills may decrease the chance of ill effects. For example, it is recommended that you take one pill a day and that you take the pill after a meal and after a full glass of water. This helps to slow the absorption of the ingredients. If you absorb all of these ingredients quickly, then you risk nausea and upset stomach as a side effect.

Is Prosolution Pills a scam? No, because the Prosolution Pills ingredients are clinically studied and backed by a medical doctor; namely, Dr. Michael A. Carter. The program is also marketed as a complete system, meaning there is a penis enlargement program included along with the supplements. Prosolution Pills may be your first choice, especially if you want to try a training regiment for penis size increase.


  • A money back guarantee
  • A complete program for penis enlargement
  • Increased libido, thanks to physical and mental enhancement
  • A long-term program


  • Pricey
  • Cannot be purchased in stores
  • A significant time investment

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