SinRex – A Product Review of SinRex

Speed of Results:95/10097%
Ingredient Quality:95/10097%
Product Safety:96/10099%
Long Term Results:96/10098%
Customer Feedback:94/10097%
Industry Reputation:94/10098%
Gurantee:60 days

SinRex is as tempting as sin as the name implies, and the scantily clad girl suggests on the official website. SinRex creators claim that this natural supplement can add inches to your erection, and that you can also get harder and longer-lasting erections, along with better orgasms, more semen volume and a higher sperm count. Is SinRex for real?

How Does SinRex Work and What Are the Key Ingredients?

SinRex is advertised as a two-in-one advanced formula and a dual synergy performance complex. This causes a synergistic reaction in the body, which helps with absorption. In fact, the formula is absorbed directly into the body because of the mechanism. When it comes to ingredients, the SinRex certainly has some potent names lined up. The main ingredient is L-Arginine, which is a semi-essential amino acid. This ingredient has been observed to improve sexual desire and increase levels of testosterone in men.

Other significant ingredients in the formula are EGCG and lycopene. The former helps with general health, as it is an anti-oxidant, while lycopene helps improve prostate health by removing carcinogens and free-radicals, which increases the production and volume of semen. Other powerful ingredients (a few of which you might recognize) included in these supplements are bioperine, copper chelate, creatine, cuscuta, green tea, hawthorn berries,horny goat weed, inosine, gingko biloba, omega 3, saw palmetto, Siberian ginseng, soy, tribulus terrestris and vitamin E.

Tribulus terrestris is particularly effective, as it reduces calorie intake (which can compromise your dosage), while creatine (a popular weight training supplement) increases your core muscle strength, allowing the rebuilding of skin tissues and thus better blood circulation to the genitals. The company states that all of its extracts are made and imported from United States sources.

SinRex Ingredients and Safety

The supplement has a unique multi-stage time release formula, so that you gradually undergo physical change. This, in theory, helps to improve sexual health for the long-term and protects you against side effects resulting from early over-dosage. The formula is medically and scientifically backed. It is proven to increase sperm volume and, because it increases blood flow to the penis, it is has the potential to increase erection size and contribute to a man’s staying power. In fact, many in the medical community have recommended this formula as a treatment for men recovering from prostate surgery. The formula was created by naturopaths and U.S. Doctors. It is also made inside a cGMP-certified facility.

There are no listed side effects with SinRex, as the formula is an assemblage of natural ingredients. Some users may report gastrointestinal pain or discomfort if they do not follow proper dosage, including an adequate supply of water. Other rare side effects reported might include headaches, rashes and other effects resulting from an allergic reaction.

SinRex is called the world’s first complete 2-in-1 male enhancement pill and its ingredients can help in increasing blood flow, and thus creating a stronger and bigger erection. Besides the sexual benefits offered, SinRex is a generally healthy supplement blend that can bring you better mental and physical health.

The important thing to note is that individual results can vary, and sometimes it does take time to see improvement. The company does offer a money back guarantee for up to six months, so that there is truly no risk involved. This may be a supplement worth looking into if you want to revitalize your sex life.


  • Affordable; one month of samples is only $40
  • Scientifically proven to increase sperm production and volume
  • Proven to improve blood flow to the penis, which strengthens erection
  • Two-in-One dual synergy performance to help in absorption


  • Results may take longer than one month
  • Daily pill requirement
  • Because of the long list of ingredients, there is an increased risk of allergy interaction

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