VigRX – A VigRX Product Review


The VigRX website starts out very promising, ensuring men that they can expect “bigger, harder and longer” erections. In fact, some of the testimonials you might read sound out of this world. Some men claim that the supplement makes their erections longer, whereas some brag that using the formula literally wears their wives out. What is VigRX and does it really work?

How Does VigRX Work?

On a scientific level, VigRX increases a man’s testosterone levels using natural ingredients. In theory, increasing testosterone causes an increase in energy, stamina and sexual virility. On a purely physical level, more testosterone causes an increase in blood flow. This causes such beneficial side effects as stamina and energy, not to mention harder and long-lasting erections.

The corpora cavernosa are the two cylinders in a man’s genitals that expand when they are filled with blood. The ability of the corpora cavernosa to become engorged with blood during sexual arousal will determine the length and thickness of a man’s erection. As men age, they can develop problems with blood flow, and thus suffer from erectile dysfunction.

What Are the VigRX Ingredients?

The VigRX ingredients include epimedium leaf extract, horny goat weed, panax ginseng, hawthorn berry, muira pauma bark, ginkgo biloba leaf, catuaba bark, saw palmetto berry and cuscuta seed. All of these ingredients individually work either as an aphrodisiac, a blood flow booster, a testosterone increaser, or as a general mental and physical health supplement.

The combination of all these ingredients makes VigRX a potent supplement for adult males.

Side Effects of VigRX

Remember that natural supplements can sometimes interact with other medications or preexisting conditions in your body and cause unusual side effects, so talking to a doctor may be a good idea.

The truest answer we can give you is that it does work for many people. The supplement is doctor-approved (source: Dr. Michael A. Carter) and the ingredients are verified to be all natural. Effectiveness of the pills can be partly determined by the method of administering (pills vs. topical oil) and an individual’s unique reaction to these ingredients.

The fact that the company offers a money back guarantee should fill you with some confidence that the product will either work, or that you will get your full money back with nothing lost, nothing gained. VigRX may be a consideration if you have been suffering the effects of erectile dysfunction for quite some time.

Pros of VigRX

  • Increased blood flow, meaning stronger and easier erections
  • Natural ingredients, with decreased risk of side effects
  • Money back guarantee

Cons of VigRX

  • $50-$60 a month

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