VigRX Plus – A Product Review of VigRX Plus

Speed of Results:97/10097%
Ingredient Quality:97/10097%
Product Safety:99/10099%
Long Term Results:98/10098%
Customer Feedback:97/10097%
Industry Reputation:98/10098%
Gurantee:60 days

VigRX Plus is a rerelease and recreated male enhancement supplement, designed for men who want above and beyond the regular benefits of VigRX. These benefits include stronger erections, greater lasting power, easier erections and more intense orgasms. So what does VigRX Plus do? Is this really the ultimate male enhancement drug plus one?

The makers of VigRX Plus claim that the product has tested well in clinical studies, when pitted against a placebo. Users reportedly said that they enjoyed overall sexual health, increased erection size, increased stamina and an increase in sex drive because of using the supplement. In addition, the science of the study reported greater blood flow and a reduction of anxiety among patients. Is this true? Does VigRX Plus work? If you’ve tried VigRX before, will you see more noticeable benefits with VigRX Plus?

VigRX Ingredients and How the Supplement Works

The makers of VigRX Plus added a few ingredients to the original formula. The most significant addition was bioperine. Bioperine’s main function is to increase the absorption of the other ingredients. This will ensure that all the other ingredients are acting at their most effective levels. As you might remember from original VigRX, the ingredients were a collection of aphrodisiacs, blood flow boosters and testosterone increasers.

As with original VigRX, the supplements are designed to enhance function of the corpora cavernosa by improving blood flow. Other ingredients that have been added to VigRX Plus include damiana, a new aphrodisiac from South America, and tribulus terrestris, which increases the luteinising hormone levels in men, which helps bring more testosterone production.

Is the claim that VigRX Plus can increase your penis size true? The official website doesn’t actually claim miraculous growth. Instead, users can expect VigRX Plus to increase the erection size of your penis. Therefore, you can’t expect any surgery-like miracles; however, if you use the product regularly then you can benefit from an increase in erection size. What happens is that the increased blood pressure going to the penis stimulates a process of cell mitosis within the tissue. As the cells divide, the penis looks bigger and more importantly, stays hard for a longer period of time. Compare any semi-erect penis with a blood-engorged and enhanced penis and you would see a big difference.

Clinical studies suggested that almost 63% of the surveyed users reported an increase in their ability to keep an erection and almost 59% reported an increase in the ability to penetrate a partner.

Is VigRX Plus a Scam?

VigRX Plus cannot be called a scam because it has a list of legitimate ingredients with observed effects. However, not everyone responds to supplements in the same way. The advent of VigRX Plus was partly brought on by user complaints of the original VigRX not living up to user’s expectations. This is why the new formula, high on bioperine, focuses on the potential absorption problem that some users might have had with the first formula. If you have tried VigRX but want a more extreme package that matches the company’s sometimes outrageous claims, then the Plus version may be your speed.

VigRX has no documented side effects; however, individual users may report problems with dizziness, upset stomach or even a strange side effect known as “excessive horniness.” (If that’s a problem) VigRX is endorsed by Michael A. Carter and is not known to produce any medicinal-like side effects. However, users are advised to note any allergy warnings on the medication, or ask their doctor about any possible interactions with other medications.


  • All natural ingredients
  • A full program with videos, website membership and
  • Money back guarantee
  • Better absorption
  • Stronger erections, stamina, sexual drive and slightly larger penis


  • Over $60 a month

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