Vimax Patch – A Review of the Vimax Patch

The patch is a noble idea; why risk taking herbal supplements (and forget to stay regular in your dosage) when you can just slap on a patch and get the same benefit?  How does the Vimax Patch work and is it better than taking herbal supplements?

The Vimax Company states that a team of British scientists and doctors created the penis enlargement patch system, and that it can increase the size of a man’s penis by 3-4 inches (doubtful, unless used for a year or two in combination with exercises or device).  It also claims that the patch can help produce stronger orgasms, greater sexual desire and stronger erections.

The Science of the Vimax Patch

If you apply the patch as directed, according to Vimax, you can see notable results in as little as a week or perhaps as long as a month.  Your erections and libido grow by the first month, and your penis grows by the second month.  By week nine, most users report their peak change.  The company then states, following the ninth week, customers can discontinue the patch, in fear of you growing “too big.”

Are these outrageous claims true?  They’re not necessarily misleading, though they could be considered exaggerated.  Ingredients for the Vimax patch include ginseng, a stimulant, fo-ti, a sexual tonic and aphrodisiac, saw palmetto, for prostate health and damiana, an anti-depressant.  All of these supplemental substances are healthy, though they have not been cleared by the FDA or medical science as a medical sexual health treatment.

Benefits and Side Effects of the Vimax Patch

One of the reasons why many people like the Vimax Patch is because it is invisible to partners.  One can easily wear a patch on a hidden part of the body and feel results within days (and seeing results in weeks).  The company states that even men who are average size (about six inches or less) can benefit from these pills and grow 3-4 inches longer and 25% wider.  This is essentially promising a 7-9 inch penis, which would indeed be a dramatic result.

Some users do report feeling some strong reactions to the patch, most of which are positive.  This is probably due to increased blood flow to the penis, which can strengthen erections and give more volume to ejaculation.  The “transdermal” patch does eliminate the need to take pills or use a penis extender, which some men may find cumbersome.  Vimax also claims to be a permanent solution to sexual problems.

The blend included in the patch does indeed give some benefit to the body, particularly in the corpus spongisum and the corpora cavernosa chambers.  The latter affects the power of a man’s erection and the former affects the semen volume, since it is where the semen is ejaculated.  The theory is sound here, even if the 9-inch penis promise is a bit questionable.  Patches allow men to hold more blood in the issue, thus hardening and perhaps slightly enlarging erections.

Nevertheless, the company is sticking to its promises, and is currently offering a 60-day guarantee, which is only two months.  However, with your purchase you do get a month’s worth of patches and free membership to a website.  If you don’t like taking herbal pills, the Vimax patch may be the next best thing.

Pros and Cons of the Vimax Patch


  • Cheap, and you get a discount when you buy five month’s worth of patches
  • Convenient, more so than taking pills
  • Stronger erections and stronger libido


  • No scientific basis for promises of increasing penis size
  • Patches can sometimes cause discomfort or nausea because of high concentrations of ingredients

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