Vimax – A Product Review of Vimax

Speed of Results:94/10097%
Ingredient Quality:96/10097%
Product Safety:96/10099%
Long Term Results:96/10098%
Customer Feedback:94/10097%
Industry Reputation:94/10098%
Gurantee:60 days

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Vimax is a company that markets male enhancement solutions, namely in the arena of libido increases, penile enlargement treatment and stamina boosters.  Vimax makes some strong statements right from the get-go.  It’s touted as a ten year veteran, and also as the “number one solution for enhancement treatment.”

The website then says that over one million men have tried Vimax and have reported a 95% success rate.  Perhaps the most surprising claims is the one suggested that you can increase your size to a full 3-4 inches in length and 25% more in girth.  These are not testimonials but the actual website claim of Vimax pills!

How Does Vimax Work?

Vimax pills are made from 100% natural ingredients.  In fact, the official Vimax website states that all ingredients are natural herb extracts from Polynesia.  The formula for the pills was developed by a team of doctors, and endorsed by Dr. Mario Dumitrascu, M.D.  The scientific effect achieved is that the corpora cavernosa (penile tissue) experiences increased blood flow because of the supplements.  When there is greater blood flow going to the penis, the size increase (in both length and girth) is perceivable.

Due to the nature of these ingredients (supplements, not pharmacy drugs) it does take a longer period of time to observe effects.  Within one month, users can look for changes in the width of the penis and in erection time.  By the two month mark, some users claim to see a lengthening of the penis.  Is this claim true?  Understand that no supplement can miraculously make your penis grow.

However, thanks to increased blood circulation, these supplements can help your penis reach full erection length and girth.  The penis tends to hang longer and thicker when there is sufficient amount of blood flow reaching the genital area.  Experienced users state that the most notable change comes after the ninth week.

Vimax Ingredients and Possible Side Effects

Vimax has a number of healthy ingredients in its formula, including dodder seed, which is a kidney yang tonic, Saw Palmetto Powder, which helps increase libido, hawthorne berry, which helps the heart and high blood pressure, inosine anhydrous, which helps the lungs, and avena sativa, which is an aphrodisiac.  Primary Vimax ingredients include ependeum sagitum, which is known to increases sex drive and ginkgo bilboa which increases blood flow.  It also contains other sexual stimulants and aphrodisiacs like ginseng, fo-ti, and damiana (which also works as an anti-depressant).  Other ingredients include tribulus terestris and cayenne pepper, all of which help the heart and body.

Does Vimax have any side effects?

Some side effects are reported as the natural consequence for taking in high amounts of ingredients at once.  Some men have reported gastrointestinal pain, headaches, and general irritability as side effects.  However, with proper dosage (including plenty of water) the threat of pain decreases.

Vimax works for many men, but not for all men.  It is not a scam because it is a medically-backed supplemental product that has ingredients that do cause bodily changes.  The only way to know for sure if the product works for you is to try the pills and to note the effects.


  • Doctor-approved formula
  • Affordable
  • Money back guarantee
  • High rated customer support
  • A popular and trusted manufacturer


  • No video exercise program
  • Some users claim it takes several months of usage to see any change

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