Average male penis size

The majority of men are concerned about the size of their penis since they want to perform well in bed for their partners, as well as for their own personal pleasure.  Many different factors must be considered in order to determine the correct penis size.

External Conditions

Changes in temperature can lead to a large amount of shrinkage.  In many cases, it can reduce the size of a penis by over 2 inches.  Contact with water can also cause these results.  To get the most accurate measurement, it is important that a man wait until these types of external conditions have expired.  In addition, a man should take several measurements before arriving at a definite conclusion.


Contrary to popular belief, there is no direct relationship between penis dimensions and race, height or shoe size.  These measurements are inconsistent for these factors and thus do not reveal concrete results.

Flaccid Length

While there is no right penis size, the average organ can measure from 3 to 4 inches in a non-erect state.  Every man will have a varying length, which does not necessarily interfere with his performance in bed; the focus should be on the erect measurement.

Erect Length

In an erect state, the average penis measures from 5.5 to 6.3 inches long.  To arrive at an accurate measurement, a man should calculate the length from the base of the organ to its very tip.  Studies show that men with smaller flaccid lengths will actually increase in size on a larger scale than men who have bigger flaccid lengths.  As a result, both types of men will end up meeting at approximately the same middle ground.

Vaginal Adaptability

No matter the size of the penis, a woman’s vagina can hold almost any length; it has the ability to stretch out in order to have room for a longer penis.  Even though a vagina has an average length of 4-4.5 inches when aroused, it can expand up to an additional 200% under the right conditions.


Since a man’s penis can fit comfortably inside a woman’s vagina, he can have nearly any size in order to perform well.   However, a man that is smaller than 5 inches may have reason to feel inadequate.
In many instances, a man’s longing or obsession on measurements may arise from psychological issues.  It is important that a man increase his self-confidence so that he has the proper focus during sexual encounters.
When considering the right penis size, a man will have to take into account the above listed factors.  If a man has a desire to enlarge his penis, then they should consider moving forward with a complete penis enlargement program, as it will provide him with the gains desired.

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Average Penis Size and Ideal Penis Size
What is Average Penis Size?