Curved penis – Can bent penis really be a problem?

Penile curvature or a curved penis (sometimes known as a bent penis) is a fairly frequent condition that can be very problematic and can impede a man from having a healthy sexual life. Surveys show that about 1% – 3% of men in the world suffer from severe penile curvature.

Most of the time, the penis only takes its curve upon erection because:

  • The part of the penis that is causing the curve has less skin than the rest of the penis
  • There is scar tissue on the penis (Which does not stretch as well as normal skin)
  • Part of the skin on the opposite side of the curve has been stretched out (from constrictive clothing, constant positioning, or pulling)

Defining a curved penis

Curvature of the penis is an abnormal bend in the penis that usually occurs during erection. You can know if you have a curved penis if you have:

  • Bend in the penis with erection
  • Narrowing of the penis with erection
  • Painful erection
  • Problems with penetration or pain during intercourse

Angle & directions of penis curve

While there is no fixed or constant “normal penis angle”, most surveys and estimates have shown an average erection angle of 15 degrees or above horizontal. This means that, while still in an erect state, if you stand with your back leaning against a wall and estimate your angle, a 180-degree angle will point directly up at your chin, a 90-degree angle would point directly in front of you; and a zero degree angle would point directly down out your feet. The average angle, in this position will be 106.8 degrees. An angle greater than this could be an alarming sign and needs to be discussed with the doctor.

Similarly, the most common direction of a penis curve is a curvature of the penis upward. It could also be bent to one side. It is also possible to have the penis be completely erect, but still pointing straight downward as though it were on a hinge at the base. This deformity in the shape of the penis is noticeable, and it can make sexual contact difficult. The penis may also take on an hourglass shape in which it looks as if there is a band wrapped around the shaft. Similarly, a curve to the left is more apparent than any other curve.

Possible consequences of the curved penis

If left untreated, the condition usually gets worse and leads to the inability to have intercourse or may make intercourse difficult, painful, or impossible. Impotence can also occur.

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