Can penis size be improved after puberty?

The answer to this million dollar question is, fortunately, yes!

With the advancement of medical and alternative / natural sciences, more and more methods, devices and formulations have been introduced that can enhance penis size and growth during any stage of the life. While surgery, vacuum pumps and other artificial methods have long been tested and tried, they have their own limitations and drawbacks.

Exercises: Exercise has been regarded as the most ancient method to enhance penis size. Some of the time-tested penis enlargement exercises include massaging, weight hanging and palpation. However, these methods need a lot of time, effort and the growth achieved is usually small. Also, to varying degrees, the ability of natural penis enlargement exercises to increase a man’s length and width is an individual factor. In other words, men’s bodies (and their penis size) will not respond exactly the same. It is suggested to perform exercises with one of the following two methods.

Pills: Pills or natural penis enlargement supplements represent a big and hot segment of the enlargement market. However, due to availability of hundreds of brands, companies and products, it is very difficult for one to choose which product will suit him the best.

Therefore, only that pill should be carefully chosen that is safe, natural and can cause permanent enlargement. Keep in mind – that to have permanent enlargement with pills you will be required to combine them with exercises or a device. Pills speed up the gains but doesn’t ensure permanent enlargement on their own.

Penis stretching devices: These devices mainly include penis extenders. The purpose of the extender is to lengthen the penis by means of traction i.e. by simulating the human body’s natural reaction to the application of physical force.

As a result, tissue cells react by multiplying and the tissue gradually expands, a principle utilized by various people for multiple doubling of the size of neck, earlobes and lips. When you use a penis stretching device such as extender, the same principal applies. The slow stretching of tissue in the penis will cause the tissue cells to split and re grow new tissue. The new tissue in the penis results in a longer and thicker penis.

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