Phallosan Forte Review – Add Inches To Your Penis While Sleeping And Feel Great About It!

Today’s technological advancements and medical researches help experts create a wide variety of products which are extremely useful on a daily basis and help improve the quality of life. For example, scientists experiment with certain types of mechanical devices which make brain surgery a lot easier, safer and more efficient. Laser surgery is also increasingly safer and efficient, not to mention that it is used to treat a wide variety of medical issues such as eye and skin problems.

In a similar fashion, Phallosan forte is a highly-advanced device that is capable of solving 2 big problems. It can actually make your penis longer and thicker and at the same time, it can straighten it and ensure it remains as healthy as possible.

Obviously, the market is filled with penis enlargement devices and products, so what makes Phallosan forte so special, you might wonder. Well, this product has been on the market for years helping thousands of people get more endowed and it is very efficient and safe to use. If you are interested in gaining more inches and making your member more visually appealing then please continue reading this article to get the full details.

Add inches to your penis the safe way!

Phallosan forte is basically a vacuum pump which is attached to your penis and helps lengthening it in a safe and efficient manner. Vacuum pumps for penis enlargement are some of the most popular and powerful methods of increasing the size of your manhood. Phallosan forte has been constantly refined and improved by experts over the years and now it is capable of delivering great results regardless of your health conditions, age or fitness level.

Phallosan forte works because it is based on a very simple principle: mitosis. If you are not familiar with this term then you might be pleased to know that it actually means cellular division at a microscopic level. Obviously, the concept is a little bit more complicated, but we won’t bore you with excessive details or scientific terms. Mitosis is basically the division and multiplication of cells as a result of tension.

How does it work? Well, if you stretch a particular portion of the skin, tissue or even an entire organ for a long-enough period of time, it will automatically start to grow longer. This happens because the body forces the cells to divide themselves, a process which occurs naturally and doesn’t require your voluntary intervention.

Phallosan forte basically helps extending and lightly stretching your penis until the process of mitosis is activated. You might be happy to know that the process starts immediately and the results will build up over time. Obviously, you won’t add 3 inches to your dick overnight with this device (it is actually impossible to do that on this planet) and that’s why Phallosan forte is a safe and reliable product. It offers permanent results which can build up over several weeks or even months.

The best thing is that not only your shaft will become longer, but its girth will also increase considerably as well. That means that pretty soon you will enjoy a thicker penis that is capable of penetrating women even more and making them feel great in your bed. A thicker and longer penis is also more visually exciting, so your girls will be aroused just by looking at your member!

Phallosan forte is painless to use and very gently on your penis

Many people don’t really enjoy the idea of sticking their most precious organ in a tube and waiting for their shaft to grow, but you don’t have anything to worry about! Phallosan forte is completely safe and painless to use. Do you feel pain when you put a condom on your shaft? No, and keep in mind that Phallosan forte is made from top-quality materials that are soft and delicate with your genitalia.

Phallosan forte can be easily applied to the penis and it will create an airtight environment, putting a small amount of pressure on your shaft. This pressure will gently stretch your penis, making it longer and thicker. You don’t have to do anything, but to enjoy the process and forget about your willy. In just a couple of weeks you will experience significant results and if you are really patient, in several months of using Phallosan forte you can increase the size of your dick WITH UP TO 2 INCHES!

Stretching your penis is a very effective technique used for multiple health conditions


If you still have doubts that stretching the penis can make it expand and grow then let’s explore another medical condition which is similar to this one. 1 in 20 people develop a health condition called phimosis. This basically means that they are not capable of fully retracting the skin over the head of their penis and expose it completely. Usually boys at the age of 14 or 15 the latest should be able to fully retract the skin on their penises, completely exposing the head, but some people are not capable of doing that.

This happens because the skin that should be retracted forms a sort of “ring” which prevents full retraction. These guys are capable of moving the skin upwards just a couple of millimeters so that they can do their number 1, but nothing further than that. Having such a condition is quite problematic; first of all, if you have phimosis you cannot wash your penis thoroughly and cannot retract the skin completely to enjoy intercourse or oral sex.

Obviously, surgery can cure this problem, but if you go that way then you can also say goodbye to about 80% of healthy, crucial nervous tissue on your penis which is responsible with excitation and pleasure. So, you have solved a problem, but sex will be 80% worse for the rest of your life! A better method is to simply stretch the foreskin with your fingers until it becomes long enough to be retracted completely. This process takes time, but it is basically the same principle Phallosan forte is based on.

What Phallosan forte does is to stretch your penis gently, giving it the possibility to grow. This is a healthy, natural and safe method that produces wonderful results! Never let a doctor with a knife in his hand get close to your willy because you are ruining your sex life forever!

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There are no side effects to worry about when using Phallosan forte


As mentioned earlier, Phallosan forte is based on a natural principle, so it doesn’t have any side effects for as long as you follow the instructions on the manual and use this device correctly. You should be worried about side effects when you buy a product on the market that contains a lot of chemicals or doubtful substances and additives. With Phallosan forte, you should rest assured that you are getting a side effects-free product!

Phallosan forte can be worn for a long period of time

The stretching technique is highly efficient and the more you do it, the better the results will be. Your body is like a machinery that continues to build cells after cells if it is necessary, so why not tapping into this amazing power to considerably increase the size of your penis? Therefore, you might be happy to find out that Phallosan forte can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time without experiencing discomfort or pain. You can even wear it overnight during your sleep.

This device is equipped with a fully-adjustable belt, so you are capable of applying the device in the correct position and get on with your day. Phallosan forte will remain invisible from the outside, so no one will ever know that you are wearing this product. If you need to go to the bathroom, you can simply take it off for a few minutes and put it back on in a breeze when you are finished.

Phallosan forte is very comfortable because it is made from soft materials that don’t produce skin irritations or similar problems. It also features a protective cap made from ultra-soft silicone that will keep the head of your penis safe and secure. Needless to say, this product can be washed and cleaned very easily and it remains hygienic for a long period of time.

Phallosan Forte Review & Rating
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Phallosan forte is comfortable, easy to wear, and works on proven principle of traction to enlarge your penis. I tried it, and I am think is a very very good product. Highly recommend it to all my clients.

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Phallosan forte is suitable for men of all sizes

Whether you are less endowed or more endowed (or average-endowed if you like), Phallosan forte can be useful for you because this product is highly adjustable. The tube which holds your penis can be adjusted so that it doesn’t cause pain or injure your member. The belt also features infinite adjustment settings, making it very easy for you to set it right and feel comfortable throughout the day.

Phallosan forte is made from allergen-free materials

There are many people out there who have to deal with different types of skin allergies and if you are one of them then you shouldn’t be worried anymore. Phallosan forte has been specially designed by professionals to be suitable for people with all skin types. Extra care has been put to choose high-quality materials that are very delicate to the skin of your organ, so that wearing Phallosan forte is a very comfortable and easy experience. This product is made 100% from allergen-free materials, so you should have no problems wearing on a daily basis.

Phallosan forte is very comfortable to wear


This magnificent device works for you 24/7, regardless of your activity or if you are at home or  walking in the park. Phallosan forte has been specially designed by experts to be very comfortable and completely invisible from outside. Many people have asked if should be worn on one side only. Well, you should change the direction of the pull every 2 days. Therefore, you are going to wear Phallosan forte on your left side for 48 hours and then on your right side for the next 2 days.

In a similar fashion, some people have asked what happens if you have an erection while wearing Phallosan forte. This can happen all the times, particularly in the morning. You might be pleased to find out that when you have an erection you will feel slight pressure on the head of your penis. This won’t be painful or uncomfortable as Phallosan forte will expand as much as it is needed to accommodate your erection. You don’t have to do anything, the system works automatically for you, making your penis feel comfortable and safe.

So, we have established that wearing Phallosan forte is very comfortable, but what happens when you have to go to the bathroom. In this case, it is a good idea to take it off for a couple of minutes for hygienic reasons. Obviously, Phallosan forte can be applied on your penis or taken off very easily, so it will take you just a minute to complete this operation. Once applied on your shaft again, it will continue to stretch it and make it grow longer and thicker.

Phallosan forte can be washed if necessary

All components of Phallosan forte have been rigorously tested and they are contaminants-free and made from high-quality materials. For hygienic reasons, you can wash Phallosan forte at 30 degree Celsius from time to time, to make sure that this product stays in a great condition.

Learn the difference between Phallosan forte and any other vacuum pump

As you probably already know, vacuum pumps are excellent if you want to increase the size of your penis. Some of them are also water based, meaning that water is used to apply slight pressure on the penis, making it grow longer and thicker. However, what’s the difference between Phallosan forte and any other vacuum pump?

Well, most vacuum pumps can be worn only for a certain amount of time. For example, manufacturers of vacuum pumps recommend using them for 20 to 30 minutes a day to experience significant results. If you wear them for less than that, they are ineffective. If you wear them for longer, they will start damaging your penis, not to mention that they are highly uncomfortable.

Additionally, vacuum pumps produce results if they are used correctly, but the growth rate of the penis is not extremely fast. On the other hand, Phallosan forte can be worn for a much longer period of time and this enables the penis to grow at a rapid rate.

Phallosan forte can be worn under your pants when you go to work. It can be worn when you go shopping or walk to the grocery store. It can be worn when you walk your dog or go with your girlfriend in park. It will not cause discomfort and while you have fun or do your job, it will continuously grow your penis. That’s the big difference between Phallosan forte and other vacuum pumps. Phallosan forte is far more effective, more comfortable and doesn’t expose you to any kind of risks.

In addition, Phallosan forte can even be worn while you sleep as it won’t impede blood circulation, not even if you have a natural erection. It is important to notice that Phallosan forte won’t be visible under your clothes. If you wear very tight jeans, a small outline might be visible, but other than that, it is completely invisible. Also, the belt of this device is only visible if you wear tight underwear.

Learn how to use Phallosan forte properly

This product is extremely easy to use, even if you haven’t heard about vacuum pumps before. Most customers wear Phallosan forte for about 6 to 8 hours every day, but you might be happy to know that you can wear it for up to 12 hours. From time to time, you can take a brief pause from wearing Phallosan forte and the longer you wear it, the quicker the results.

Many people have asked if the results are permanent and luckily for you, the answer is yes! If you wear Phallosan forte for a long-enough period of time and it continuously stretches your shaft then the extra inches in length and girth will become permanent. For example, if you wear Phallosan forte for more than 6 months and you wear it every day, according to the instructions, then you shouldn’t be worried about anything as the results will be permanent.

However, if you wear Phallosan forte for less than 6 months, some retraction might be visible afterwards. Basically, your shaft needs a decent amount of time to make sure that your progress stays with you for the rest of your life, so be patient and wear Phallosan forte for as long as you can. Once you get used to it, you won’t even know that you are wearing it and you will feel much, much better about yourself.

Read a couple of amazing reviews from people who have already tried Phallosan Forte


If you are still not convinced that Phallosan forte is the future of penis enlargement products then maybe a couple of wonderful reviews from people all over the world will move you. Here is what happy customers have to say about Phallosan forte and how was their experience with this amazing product.

“I wore Phallosan forte for 7 months now and I must say that I still cannot believe what I see in the mirror every day! My penis is almost 2.5 inches longer and approximately 1 inch thicker thanks to this wonderful little device. Use it guys, this is the solution, this is the end to your problems if you have a small shaft!”  Shaun from New Jersey, US

“I am very honest when I say that I don’t believe in penis enlargement products or supplements and I received Phallosan forte as a gift and/or as a joke. It stayed in my basement for a few months until I decided to give it a try before throwing it out. After 3 months, I gained more than 1 inch in length and almost half an inch in girth. Best of all, my confidence is much higher and I wholeheartedly recommend this product now! My life has been changed thanks to Phallosan forte.”  Robert from London, UK

“at first I was skeptical because wearing it seem very uncomfortable for me. However, after I applied it on my penis, I simply forgot about it. It is very comfortable and soft, so you will not even know that you have put it on!”  Michael from Berlin, Germany

Thanks to Phallosan forte, I gained 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth and I feel like a real porn star now! I used to have a small dick and feel self-conscious about it, but those days are gone! Thanks, Phallosan forte, for helping me regain my confidence!  Jean from Paris, France

Here is a snippet of a forum discussion we came across, have a read for yourself.


Other User Experiences

phallosan reviews


You read the reviews of those guys, you could be one of them! Keep in mind that your penis will not grow longer or thicker on its own and if you now have personal insecurities because of this then the situation can grow much worse over the years. There are people who cannot have an erection because of low confidence and low self-esteem. You can add inches to your dick the natural way using Phallosan forte and thoroughly boost your confidence in the long run. It is up to YOU now.

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