Sex is important part of our lives. However, we face a lot of problems and troubles moving trough lives and sometimes to overcome these obstacles we need an advice from a doctor or expert.

In this section of website, you will find information on various subjects and topics connected to sex – from puberty to first sex and much beyond that. We hope you will find at last a couple good answers or at last – opinions regarding your problems while learning about your sexuality and sexual desires.

We also would like to remind you that you are not alone in your life – you have us. If you are not sure or there are questions you are shy to talk to your local doctor – write us. Of course, if problem is serious we wont be able to help you – but in many cases it is just some little question that bugs you and doesn’t allows you to enjoy your sexuality at fullest. Don’t let it happen to you – write us!

If there are certain subjects you feel we are missing or you have materials you would like to share with us – you’re welcome!

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