How big is the size of normal penis

How big is the size of normal penis? Do women like biggest ones, how can I enlarge mine and how effective vacuum pump is? (Male, 22 y.o.)

Normal penis is of the size, with which you can satisfy your partner. More or less but all penises by their size might be considered normal. But in whatever case, it’s possible to get bigger size – close to perfect size of penis.

To name the perfect size of the penis is impossible, because it depends from correlation of length of it and its width. If some may think that 17 cm long penis is the perfect size, then I have to say – not necessarily, if it’s diameter is 10 or 11 cm – penis of such size definitely will be far from perfect. Though, 15 cm long penis which has 13 cm diameter will be closer to that for sure. There exist diagrams in which you can see correlation between length and width of the penis. After this diagram you can see how far or close you are to the perfect size.

Vacuum pumps are fun toys which you can add to your sexual games. They together with penis rings can be used to create the erection. For penis enlargement, they work at the moment when you are using it; as soon as you’re done, the effect is gone too, so it’s not effective in long term.

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