How safe is that – to lick woman’s “pussy”?

I have one question. The thing is that I recently started serious relationship with this girl. And she once asked if I want to try oral sex. That time I didn’t answer her anything particular. That’s why I’m now writing to you to find out, how safe is that – to lick woman’s “pussy”. Is that safe? Is that possible to catch any disease that way for me (or my girlfriend)? Please provide me with some information. (Male, 19 y.o.)

During oral sex there is a risk of infection, but only if partner is infected. For man, stimulating woman orally, there is a risk of infection with syphilis, hepatitis B, HIV, gonorrhea, etc..

Since you’re having serious relationship with your girlfriend, it’s about time for you both to take the tests for sexually transmitted diseases. And if these tests are negative, you can practice oral sex no problem. Why don’t give your partner a pleasure she wants?

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