I, my dreams about swing club and my girlfriend!?!

I am a 22 years old guy. Could you please help me to find a swing club? And how do I start a conversation about this matter with my girlfriend? We have very serious relationship; we don’t have any routine in our sex life, though I find idea about “swinging” very exciting. Please help! Thank you. (Male, 22 y.o.)

I think that visiting such clubs you won’t solve the main problem, because problem is within the fact – what is it that makes you want to visit such places where many couples are exchanging with their sexual partners? Is that a tendency to show off, dissatisfaction with current relationship, suppressed homosexual feelings or some other reasons? In this situation I can see that hiding behind your girlfriends back, you want to satisfy your own, maybe unconscious, wishes.

Of course you can try and talk your girlfriend into going to such a club, but that won’t be enough because with time your demands will grow and you will have other demands.

It would be necessary to find out these secret motives which make you think about these group sexual relationships, although you are writing this yourself – that in your life, there is no sexual routine.

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