What do you think about Maxman enlargement pills?

Hi! I was wondering, what do you think about Maxman enlargement pills, which promises to enlarge penis for 25 % in short period of time? Thank you! (Male, 30 y.o.)

“Maxman” is one of the many preparations or it would be more correct to say – food additives, which is advertised as a mean for penis enlargement. There are many of such means, for instance “Alzare”, “VigRx”, “Enzyte” etc. Internet is literally over flooding with such enlargement pills.

The base for everything is a manual penis enlargement. But since it is harder to sell it through internet, there are offered these preparations which you have to use usually for 4 months, additionally doing penis massages.

Thanks to human laziness and naivety, since they believe that taking this stuff their penis will gain some mystic sizes (2,5 to 5 inches), this business may grow. Though in USA there already are some trial cases where men are suing distributors of such a preparations.

The most interesting thing is that either taking or not taking these preparations and practicing penis massages (manual penis enlargement method) results are totally the same. But from the point of view of marketing, it’s very gainful if man does the massage and takes the preparation in the same time.

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