How does herpes for women look like?

How does herpes for women look like? I’m not sure if I had allergy or herpes. (Female, 24 y. o.)

Herpes infection for women looks the same as for men. In the beginning there is reddish spot which might itch or tingle. Within a day in place of this spot turns up vesicle filled with liquid. Then this vesicle pops and small ulcer appears.

When there’s allergy, usually few reddish spots appear at once, at herpes infection these elements might be at different stages of development. Spots caused by allergy usually go away right after allergen disappears. Herpes usually take longer time.

Also have to mention that maybe you just had exacerbation of lacteal fungus which started with rush and itching. Anyway, it would be recommended to consult with your gynecologist.

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