During the erection my penis is around 13 cm …

During the erection my penis is around 13 cm long and 3 cm wide. It’s straight. Is that possible to enrage it, both, in length and width, at my age? And what would be the best way to do it, if that’s possible? (Male, 33 y. o.)

It is possible to enlarge size of the penis for any man at reproductive age. After age 30, it’s time when man has already gained some sexual experience and in many cases man already has a long term relationship with one partner. At this time woman’s vagina has already got used to her partner’s penis and senses during intercourse are that intense anymore. Commonly people call it a routine or development of habit – feelings become less intense and passion grows smaller respectively.

First, you should read the size of penis’ perimeter, since you’ve wrote only its width. Realistically it could be around 12 cm. In your case it would be useful to enlarge it for 2-3 cm in length, so it would be average length, and 1-1,5 cm in width.

You will achieve fastest results by doing special penis massaging program, which will make an effect on both – length and width. The average enlargement in 2 month period is 1,5-2 cm in length and 1-1,5 cm in width. More detailed about this you can read at: Augeointensive penis correction method.

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