One day he simply suggested us to have group sex

I’m living with my boyfriend for already a year. One day he simply suggested us to have group sex. I was very confused and didn’t say anything, so he took it as a “yes”. Now I have to make love with two more women and I really don’t enjoy it. And I don’t feel like saying that to my boyfriend, because I don’t wan to hurt him. Please help me! (Female, 20 y. o.)

You should make this decision on your own, basing on how you feel, what you like or dislike. Nobody can make you to take part in actions you don’t want to participate in or which feel unacceptable to you! I think that every adult person should realize that and act accordingly. But unfortunately I can see that there are many grown up people whose actions are often infantile. You say that you don’t want to hurt your boyfriend, but what if tomorrow he wants you have sex with another man, will you agree on that too?

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