I don’t have too big of an erection

I have this thing – when I kiss with my girlfriend, before even taking off my pants, I don’t have too big of an erection. What could be a problem and what can I do to solve this? (male, 18 y. o.)

One of the most common reasons is that during foreplay you get “over excited” – you excite too much, then when you go on with undressing (taking off your pants) you get nervous about it and as a result your erection grows smaller. When you realize that your penis is not erected as you wish it was, situation might even become worse since you start to worry about it.

It’s psychological problem. How do you fight with it? It would be recommended for you and your partner to undress in the very beginning of foreplay and would go on with it naked. It would be specially recommended to get rid of your pants a.s.a.p.! If situation persists, you should go on with foreplay – give your partner erotic massage and stimulate your girlfriend’s body with your penis during it. This way your penis will be stimulated too and in a short while it will be back up and ready!

You definitely shouldn’t start stressing about it not functioning properly, because that way you will only make the situation worse.

Remember! Penis doesn’t have to be erected all the time! And if it’s little bit “tired” then you should let it rest a little bit or stimulate some more!

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