One side of the clitoris has become hard and little bit painful.

There’s this thing.I had my boyfriend staying over for weekend.consequently we had sexual intercourse.and on Monday I got pretty strong itching down there which even got worse on the next day. Yesterday I discovered that one side of the clitoris has become hard and little bit painful.could this be something serious or did it get like this because of the abrasion? (Female, 20 y. o.).

Itching tells about inflammation processes in genitals. This inflammation could be caused by abrasion from long intercourse during which you had insufficient moisture in vagina. It also could be some microbe, but most likely it’s exacerbation of some fungus infection. Also possible is that it’s an allergic reaction on lubricant or other product used during intercourse. Talking about sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), usually symptoms don’t show up that fast (on the next day), but of course there is a possibility that STD joined this inflammation on the third or forth day.

As you can see, there are many possibilities therefore it would be reasonable to consult your gynecologist who could perform a check-up, do the tests needed and prescribe you a treatment if necessary.

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