I was very surprised that she could take his penis in completely

Good evening! There’s something I really would like to find out! Just recently I watched this porno-movie in which woman was giving a blow-job to her partner. I was very surprised that she could take his penis in completely, she literally swallowed it all! Maybe it sounds silly to you, but I would love to learn how to do that. I know that my husband will appreciate that.Please tell me, how can I learn to perform such a blow-job? (Female, 27 y. o.)

It is possible to learn how to take whole penis during a blow-job. Commonly such women are called “deep throats”. All technique is based on a correct position when there is formed 180 degree angle between oral cavity and throat and therefore penis of any size can easily slip further into throat. Anyway, it takes quite some efforts to learn such a virtuous technique, since the hardest is to overcome vomit reflex. It appears to every normal person when top of the throat is being stimulated.

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