Till what age does penis grow and develop for men

Till what age does penis grow and develop for men? And how long should penis be at 19? (Male, 19 y. o.)

In average, penis in length grows till age 17, but its width can increase up till age 19-20. Size of the penis also depends from sexual activity of the man – how much does it work during period of growth, as well as from heredity. Observing twins, it has been found that their penises can differ a lot. Also, development of penis – speed of the growth and size, can speak about different sexual and hormonal malfunctions. There are even special tables, after which you can compare and evaluate boy’s sexual development by the size of his penis.

Usually penis grows till age 17, during next period of life (till age 20) it widens and also becomes a little bit shorter (usually by 0,5 cm). This is called a “balloon phenomenon”. At age 19 the perfect length of the penis would be 9-10% of man’s height and perimeter of the proportional penis should be 7-8% of the man’s height (for example: the perfect penis of 180 cm tall man would be 18 cm long and 14-15 cm in perimeter).

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