My partner doesn’t like to wear condom

I just had my first sex. My partner doesn’t like to wear condom, but I asked him to put it on, at first he did that but then he took it off and some 5 minutes we did that without condom. When exactly does “that” comes out (what makes women pregnant), what shouldn’t get into me? For some 1-2 days I had 3-4 white zits down there and my vagina hurt, is that normal? (Female, 17 y. o.)

You’re talking about elimination of semen – ejaculation. It takes place when man is having sufficient stimulation of penis, then sperm is eliminated out of the body through urethra and ejaculation process happens. After ejaculation man is having relaxation phase during which most of the men have a decrease of the erection. Usually ejaculation happens at the end of the intercourse, or to say more precisely – intercourse is over after ejaculation.

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