My penis is not straight, but bent to the left side

I have a small problem – my penis is not straight, but bent to the left side. I have had many sexual intercourses but some girls find that repulsing. How can I fix it at home? (Male, 18 y. o.)

Often, more or less big curve on the penis bothers during sexual contacts clearly visually, and then man tries to act so that partner wouldn’t see it and that troubles formation of free sexual relationships. If partner has said any remark or asked a question about this curve, it gives man serious mental problems which might damage his further sexual life.

Curved penis can be straightened but that will take some time – half a year or more. One of the easiest and most progressive methods is device called Andro Penis. With wearing Andro Penis you can straighten your penis out for about 70%. It’s harder to straighten just a little bit curved penis though. Basically it all depends from motivation and willingness to change.

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