I have pleasure when I have my clitoris stimulated

I have pleasure when I have my clitoris stimulated. I have had orgasm from penis in my vagina maybe couple of times in my life. I have no idea what does the “G” spot means and don’t know how to achieve such an orgasm, please tell me what to do? I would love to find out what we should do technically because I have very understanding and loving husband. (Female, 30 y. o.)

“G” spot is a point in genital area where a collection of neural receptors is located. Women have it on upper wall of the vagina around 5 cm from the entrance. Men have it on prostate. Its role in process of orgasm has not been proven yet in medicine.

Origination of vaginal orgasm depends from stretch of the vagina’s mucous membrane and stimulation of cervix uteri. Often, if woman is not reaching vaginal orgasm, couples get vibrator which is bigger in size than penis of the partner, to make sure that cause is in size. And it is not wonder that woman reach orgasm with vibrator. In your case I would suggest to do the same to make sure that vaginal orgasm in this case depends from size of the penis.

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